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Examples of elbow strikes

Elbow strikes are you used at short ranges. The elbow strike is performed with the bony part of the elbow, this part of the body is less fragile that the first or the heel of the hand. As in the other punches elbow strikes can be delivered from the fighting stance or from the standing up stance.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, this is for educational purposes only. This site does not encourage violence.

There are seven elbow strikes in total.

Three horizontal strikes.
Four vertical Strikes.

One is for striking down Targets would be the head of someone who is trying to grab your legs for example.

One is for striking up. Target is the chin.
One is striking low back strike
One is striking high back strike

Three Horizontal strikes.

Your elbow goes forward to twisting your body to add power

You remain facing the front while the elbow hits a side target

Your elbow strikes at the back horizontally.

Vertical elbow strike upwards :

Vertical open palm goes towards ear
Send weight upwards in an arch
The balls of the feet turn (same side as you are delivering the strike)

Vertical elbow strike downwards:
  1. lift arm
  2. palm vertical in the plane of the strike
  3. turn body
  4. bend knee
  5. twist heel
  6. fast recall

Low Back strike with elbow :

Turn body so you strike center of the target
Hit with point of elbow and lower trice
Vertical elbow strike backwards and up
higher target
Do not bend too much forward or downwards

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