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Examples of hook and uppercut punches

These are examples of several techniques that can be used for your own personal protection. These defensive survival methods are to be used only for your defense always taking into consideration the force you are being attacked with. Use only in life threatening situations.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, this is for educational purposes only. This site does not encourage violence.

Punches - There are several other punches most notably the jab and the cross but these will be covered later

Hook Punch Example

The hook is a circular powerful punch, it can be used in a variety of ways but it is a very committing punch, it will leave you exposed if you do not hit. Hook punch is a very natural and comfortable punch, meaning that the body will easily go through the gestures of the hook punch.

When you are in your fighting stance, this can be done with both your front arm and your back arm.

Small circular motion
Elbow behind the punch upper body moves in the direction of the attack
Torso turning into the strike
Strike with heel or fist
Thumb is up
You can strike at different levels (Head, Ribs)

When doing a hook punch with your front arm.

Method One :

Hook with front arm
Turn heel of front foot to add more power.
Weight does not shift to the front.
Your front heel turns towards the outside.,

Method Two :

Weight shift to the front.
Perform the hook punch while shifting your weight forward heel does not turn in this case.

Upper cut Punch Example

The Upper cuts need to be practiced to be performed well. The main target of this punch is the chin. An upper cut to the chin with full force can take down an aggressor. Upper cuts can be delivered from the standing up stance or from your fighting stance.

From the standing up stance :

In this case do not telegraph your intentions. Do not pre warn the aggressor what you have in mind.
Bring your arm up at a 45 degree angle towards your opponents face.
Thumb should be facing you.
Raise on the balls of your feet to add power to the punch

From your fighting stance :

Turn a bit to bring your hand in line with the target.
Two shoulders should go down turning a bit and then rising and punching
upwards and a bit forward.
Leen down (coiling the spring) the two shoulders your sternum comes over knee.
The elbow is directly below the fist
Then using your legs and rest of your body project your arm at a 45 degree angle. (Uncoil the spring)
You are hitting with the two big knuckles on your hand in this case.

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