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Examples of kicks and knee strike

Kick'em balls. If you have no option but to kick some one. You have two realistic options, a kick to the balls or a stopping kicking. Kicks give you range and power. Especially women should use kick to make up for their disadvantage in hand strength to men. Women tend to be more flexible then man which gives them an advantage when kicking.

Stopping kick :

A defensive kick forward is performed by raising the knee to your shoulder and then pushing your foot forward pushing your aggressor back. If done correctly and if you are fit you will knock your aggressor down or push him one meter back, giving you ample chance to run away. Your target is the solar plexus, the upper breast plate. This can be done with both your front and your back foot.

The kicking foot lands in front and you correct your fighting stance accordingly.

Back kick:

The back kick, is performed against an aggressor coming from behind. Lift the heel towards your buttocks and then send it towards your target. The toes and the knee should be looking downwards over the side of your shoulder.

Side Kick :

This is a slightly more advanced kick. It can be directed to different heights. Mainly to the knee and to the hips. Your head, hip and heel should be in line. Turn the heel of the base leg, in the direction of the enemy when kicking.

Round house Knee Strike:

This is like a round house kick but is done by the knee. Personally I do not like the round house kick in a street fight. During an 'exhibition match' a round house looks nice, in a street fight a round house will expose your groin area too much.

You need to grab the aggressor from one shoulder and then squeeze your body the knee coming up in a circular motion from one side and the body and hands moving towards the knee. This will push the aggressor towards the knee strike.