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Examples of ground fighting

Ground fighting is a universe apart from standing up fights. It is not as simple as throwing in some punches and kicks. A skilled ground fighter will be very hard to control once he is on top of you. Your options are much more limited than when you are on your feet. On the ground you cannot escape you cannot reach for common objects to use as weapons. The aggressor could also impede you from calling out to your friends. Unless you are a very experiences grappler or ground fighter avoid at all costs into going down. Especially if you are being attacked by a group.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, this is for educational purposes only. This site does not encourage violence.

You can rotate fast on your back than the opponent can on his feet. If the opponent is facing you and he is up and you are down you can have your legs always pointing at him. In the mean time you should always be trying to get up.

You have two options fight them on the ground, or get up and fight. This depends on a lot of things, you have to be the judge of the best technique according to your conditions. At 1:47 this guy describes very qell how to bring your opponent down while still on the ground. He focuses on biting, eye pokes and ear peels.

This technique is something I can remember myself.
This is used to reverse the situation if you are underneath; you come out on top. Here you can more easily attack and escape.

The Arm bar

This technique is used to lock the opponents hand.

Another technique to release yourself from a ground hold when the attacker is on top of you
  1. Pluck the elbows.
  2. With one hand hold the aggressors hand to your shoulder.
  3. With the other hand attack the head.
  4. Insert a knee between you and the attacker.
  5. Kick yourself free.
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