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Examples of Adjectives -Time!

Ancient almnara tower in somalia
That landmark is ancient. It was built in 300 A.d.
That story is ancient. Forget it!

Brief Can you give me a brief answer of thizs question.
The letter was brief and to the point.
It's a long letter but in brief he says no.
Before the meeting
Of short duration or distance.

Early The bush was planted early in the season.
The train was 10 minutes early.
She returned in the early morning.
I hope for an early answer to my questions.

Fast car at the 1984 Southsea Show.
A fast car.
My watch is 5 minutes fast.
He broke his fast by drinking some milk.
Friday is a fast day.
He made the rope fast to the metal ring.

Late The bus arrived 5 minutes late.
We went to bed late.
The bush was planted late in the season.
The train was 10 minutes late.
She returned in the late afternoon.
Some late news of the war has just come in.

Long piece of metal.
He is taking a long time to get here.
How long is the speech.
It was a long day waiting for the news.
I cannot stay for long.
He always takes so long to eat his breakfast.

Modern He has modern ideas, in spite of his old age.
In this part of the city you can see modern ancient and modern buildings next to each other.

Old How old are you?
You are old enough to dress yourself.
He is as old as John.
He got his old job back.
Don't tell me the same old story again.
The old is sometimes more attractive than new.

Old-Fashioned My car is old-fashioned but it gets me around.
You cannot stay all night, my grandmother is a bit old-fashioned.
Some old fashioned hair-styles that never go out of style.
You'll have fun trying the old-fashioned dessert recipes

Rapid The improvement was rapid.
The school promised rapid results in the learning of languages.

Short The driver stopped short when the child ran into the street.
The accident forced them to cut their holiday short.
We have run short of oil.
The supply of oil is running short.
He is a nice fellow but short on brains.

Swift He was swift to take offence.
A swift visit to the shops.
A swift reply.

Young Cat.
I met a young woman.
My grandmother still young at heart.
All women want to look young, fresh and attractive.
John was only 18 - it's such a young age to die.