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Examples of Adjectives -Size!

Average What is the average rainfall for July?
There was nothing special about it, it was only average.
He is above average in his lessons.
On average we receive 6 emails each day.
The average of 3,8, and 10 is 7.

Big How big is it?
Don't cry: you're a big girl now?
The big moment has come at last!
The big question is what to do next.
He is a big name in the music world.

Colossal A colossal building.
A colossal rate of interest.

Fat man.
A fat bank account.
Can you lose fat with coconut oil?
The fat farms in the valley.
He can't eat fat potatoes fried in vegetable oil.

Giant Shakespeare is a giant among writers.
The giant packet gives you more for less money.

Great He is a great talker.
That great tree takes away all the light.
He is always talking about his connections with the great.
She is a great friend.
It was a great loss to us.
What a great idea!

Huge A huge house.
A huge success.

Immense An immense improvement.
Recently I had experienced an immense pleasure of attending a presentation with my friend.

Large container ship.
He has a large collection of stamps.
The main reason for a large number of students looking professional education abroad is due to lack of educational facilities in India institutions.
The country at large is hoping for great changes.

Little She is too little to ride a bicycle.
A little time.
I go there very little.
I have very little money left.
Let's walk a little.
I had a little difficulty in finding the house.
She speaks a little french.

Long He is taking a long time to get here.
How long is the speech.
It was a long day waiting for the news.
I cannot stay for long.
He always takes so long to eat his breakfast.

Mammoth A Mammoth Task.
Gone are the days when the computers were mammoth in size and monitors of the size of TV.

Massive We must take massive efforts to improve things.
Last year a massive earthquake registering 8.0 on the Richter scale struck off India.

A miniature painting.
The child was playing on the floor with his collection of miniature farm animals.
I have a huge collection of Indian miniature paintings.

Petite Last year a petite lady visited our shop to purchase a child sized bag for herself.
Being a petite girl, she wanted a car that would suit her small stature.
This small size is particularly suitable for petite girls.
I never expected her to be so petite.

Puny She was a puny, skinny woman wearing spectacles.
I know your puny little mind cannot think beyond your nose.

Scrawny He was very thin, very scrawny and badly dressed.
He shouted at me 'Hurry up scrawny'

Short The driver stopped short when the child ran into the street.
The accident forced them to cut their holiday short.
We have run short of oil.
The supply of oil is running short.
He is a nice fellow but short on brains.

Small The girl is small for her age.
He writes so small I can't read it.
'Church' is sometimes written with a capital C and sometimes with a small c.

Tall building.
A tall building.
A tall tree.
A tall piece of wooden furniture containing several drawers.

Teeny As a teeny pop star, She really made me sick.
She is a teeny tiny baby.

Tiny mushroom.
It's modern and simple but absolutely tiny.
I have just purchased your tiny little shoes.