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Examples of Adjectives -Condition!

Alive The argument was kept alive by the politicians.
He was alive to the dangers of the work.
The dead dog is alive with insects.

Annoying These files are annoying me.

Bad shape instrument.
I felt really bad for her.
At a cost of $20 single, the rail giving at $30 doesn''t look bad.
Failing to follow good etiquette is bad manners.
He has bad credit and need a loan.
There are ways to make a bad relationship good again.

Beautiful sunset.
Beautiful! What a throw!
The artist made a beautiful painting.
Your soup was really beautiful.

Better He swims better than I do.
That was a good story but I can go one better.
I''d better not to go at lunch time.
That's my idea: can you think of a better?

Busy He is busy now and cannot see you.
He is busy writing.
I am sorry sir, the telephone line is busy.
This wallpaper's too busy for our bedroom,don''t you think?

Careful He is a careful worker.
He''s too careful with his money; he never buys a drink for anyone.
Doctors made a careful examination and found nothing wrong.

Cautions She is cautions of telling secrets.

Clever A clever worker.
I hate you, you clever dick.
That new boy offended everyone by being too clever.

Clumsy A clumsy dog knocked the cup over.
Her clumsy speech annoyed everyone.
You should not wear such clumsy shoes.

Concerned The concerned mother anxiously waited for their children.
I was very concerned about my mother''s illness.
This story is concerned with fairies and wicked magicians.

Crazy She is crazy about dancing.
You will have to work like crazy to get this finished.
You are crazy to go out in this stormy weather.

Curious He was so curious to know what was in the letter that he opened it, even though it was addressed to his father.
A curious piece of 19th century art.
A curious state of affairs.

Dead A dead silence.
A dead loss.
Do the dead ever come back to life.
It is so cold outside that my fingers feel dead.
That cruel man is dead to pity.
Our old dog has been dead for years.
I want to leave this dead end job of mine.
He wanted to hit the dead center.

Different He is different man from what he was 10 years ago.
This is a different car from the one I drove yesterday.
We make this dress in different colors.
Mary and John are quite different.

Difficult English is difficult.
It was very difficult to put the tent up because of the wind.
Don''t be so difficult!
A difficult child.

Doubtful I feel very doubtful whether he is still alive.
Are you doubtful about Mr. John?
The future is too doubtful for us to make plans.
The new servant seems a doubtful fellow to me: can we trust him?
It is doubtful if we get the engine working before morning.

Easy John is easy to please.
Susan was an easy victim of sir John''s wicked intentions.
Easy come , easy go.
A woman of easy virtue.
He leads a very easy life.

Museum of famous Azerbaijani poet Huseyn Javid at Nakhchivan City.
He is famous for his fine acting.
A famous politician.

Fragile This old glass dish is very fragile.
The old lady looks very fragile.
I am feeling rather fragile this morning after drinking too much last night.
Their happiness was very fragile.

Frail That little chair looks too frail to take a man''s weight.
The sick woman''s frail hands could hardly hold a cup.
What a frail excuse!
There is only a very frail chance that he will pass his examination.

Gifted A very gifted person.
Is your child really gifted?

Helpful I hope these tips really helpful for you.
What I find very helpful is the Last section that contains about 40 pages of notes on computer.

Freezing I am feeling so helpless these days.
However due to my brother''s escape from Iraq, I was totally helpless to stop the harassment.

Horrible Outstanding and very horrible, all at the same time.
Today is Monday, which is quite horrible in itself.

Important It is important to learn to read.
The experience got at this discussion is very important for me.

Impossible His bad temper makes life impossible for all the family.
You are the most impossible person I have ever met.
You are impossible!

Inexpensive Fortunately, for the amateur, there are many inexpensive options available.
The cost of living in India is relatively inexpensive.
It is easy to install and is inexpensive to purchase.

Innocent A trusting innocent young child.
He was innocent of the crime.
He was declared innocent by the court.
I do not want to be an innocent victim of your killing spree!

Inquisitive I laughed, lovingly, at her inquisitive nature.
He is very intelligent that also makes him really inquisitive.

A modern Japanese compact binder.
It is useful for a boy to learn modern languages.
He has modern ideas in spite of his great age.
In this part of the city you can see ancient and modern buildings next to each other.

Mushy I don''t like mushy potatoes.

Odd Life would be very difficult without the odd adventure now and then.
An odd shoe.

Open I am open to new changes.
Hospitals are open on bank holidays.
The bank is not open yet.
The job is still open.
She kept her bank account open.
This book is open to misunderstanding.

Outstanding Some debts still outstanding.
Some work still outstanding.
That was an outstanding performance.

Poor He was too poor to buy shoes for his family.
This is a poor neighbourhood where many people cannot get work.
He is a poor loser.
The poor old man had lost both his sons in the war.

Powerful Tom is a very powerful swimmer; he has powerful arms and legs.
Her imagination is too powerful.
Onions have a powerful smell.

Real Is your ring brass or real gold?
He could not believe their threats were for real.
What was the real reason for your absence.
The real amount was only $50.

Rich This subject offers a rich field for advanced study.
A very rich Christmas cake.
The rich are not always generous to the poor.
This fish is rich in oil.

Shy I am shy of saying too much on this delicate subject.
A shy smile.

Sleepy A sleepy country town.
I am feeling very sleepy today.

Stupid A stupid person.
That stupid of you.
I hope that I have not made many stupid comments this morning.

The tame elephant.
A tame lion.
A little tame man.
The game was so tame that we left early.

Tender After riding such a long way on a bicycle his bottom was very tender.
One should always avoid tender subjects of conversation at parties.
Cook the meat a long time so that its really tender.
A tender heart.

Tough Our tough breeds of sheep can live in the mountains.
A tough job.
The government has threatened to get tough with people who try to avoid paying taxes.

Vast The vast plains stretch for 600 miles.
The actors were brought from New York to London at vast cost.

Solid I am afraid the sick man''s mind is wandering.
The wandering course of a stream.

Wild Flowers.
Some wild flowers are growing in the corner of the garden.
A wild party.
They went wild over his good looks.
I felt so wild when she hit the baby.

Wrong This sum is wrong.
No you are wrong: She did not say that.
You have spelt the word wrong.
It is wrong to tell lies.