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Examples of Adjectives -Good Feelings!



Brave military
Strong in the face of fear; courageous.

Calm sea
1. (person) Unemotional, untroubled, undisturbed, unexcited, stable in response to a situation, not nervous.
He was remarkably calm under the circumstances.
2. (place) Peace, tranquil, engendering relaxation.
The city was calm despite the fires, with no panic reported.
3. (issue) Social peace, community response to issue, lack of social troubles.
Although the incident provoked much comment, the people remained calm, and no violence was reported.

Prince Charming
1. (social) Having charm, persuasive, admirable, describing social skills.
She''s a truly charming person. She could sell you the Titanic, and you'd still admire her.
2. (aesthetic) Situation, cultural issue or place having charm, beautiful, pleasant, expressing personal affinity for described case.
It''s an absolutely charming place, you can just walk around for days appreciating every nook and cranny.

Charismatic Having strong attributes of leadership, social aura, authoritative personality, character, repute, personal image.
The sheer charismatic presence of the speaker silenced even those who disagreed with him.

Cheerful smiley face.
1. (person) Obviously happy, humorous, of good nature, optimist, friendly, literally meaning ''full of cheer''.
''He''s a cheerful soul''.
2. (place or circumstances) A situation of happy occurrences, a friendly social environment.
It''s a really cheerful little place to live, nice grounds, friendly people, and well designed buildings.
3. (design, decor, environment) A motif which is happy, pleasant and amusing.
The restaurant''s design was so cheerful, full of bric a brac, oddments, and rustic humor, that we stayed for two hours just looking around.

Comfortable train.
1. (general)Giving, having or experiencing comfort.
This place really helps you to make yourself comfortable.
2. (personal situation) Having security, peace of mind, free of wants.
I''m living comfortably now, having cleared up that financial mess.

APS works cooperatively with U.S. to improve maritime safety.
1. (general) willing to assist, helping, positively contributing.
The public have been highly cooperative with police following the incident.
2. (person) description of person''s role, mindset, or actions.
Jack''s been extremely cooperative, really trying to help Jill.
3. (corporate body) owned by members, equity arrangement of property or business.
A cooperative works on a synergistic ownership system, benefiting all members through collective efforts.

Courageous soldiers.
1. (person) exhibiting bravery, personal commitment, acting despite dangers to oneself.
It was courageous of John to be honest about his opinions despite the risk to his job.
2. (situational) qualifier of characteristics of action in context with a dangerous situation.
The decision was truly courageous, made against strong opposition from vested interests.

A delightful village in wensleydale.
1. Giving delight, pleasure, positive feeling, describing place, situation or object.
The cabin was a delightful place, very cozy, beautiful surroundings.

Adult female budgerigar melopsittacus undulatus as determined by a brown cere.
1. (descriptor) showing resolve, strength of purpose, acting regardless of difficulty, making a strong effort.
He made a determined effort to catch up on his work.
2. (verb) found upon investigation, pre-planned.
It was determined the captain of the ship was not at fault.
It was determined in advance which of the two men would be in charge of the expedition.

Eager 1. Keen, enthusiastic, impatient to act or begin, (Note: the emotional character of the descriptor is based on context.)
The new recruit was very eager to get started.
Eager eyes hoped to see the unpopular champion get beaten.

Elated over victory
1. Triumphant, sense of victory and achievement.
The team was elated at their victory, beating their old rivals on their home ground.

Enchanting sunset.
1. Magical, spellbinding, hypnotic, personal or aesthetic charm.
We were enchanted with the place, the scenery, and the beautiful surrounding district.

General levis encouraging his french army at the battle of sainte.
1. (verb) Supportive, providing positive reinforcement to an action, reassuring, helpfully inciting to act.
The family were very encouraging regarding Jim''s decision to join the international aid group.
2. (descriptor) Situation adding support to actions, good news regarding an action or task.
We found the strong positive response of the local people very encouraging in our relief work.

Energetic neutral atoms.
1. (descriptor of actions) Showing higher levels of energy, active, excited, in a state of higher than usual activity.
Fred was uncommonly energetic for days, cleaning up his room.
2. (physics) Characteristics of energy, energy related phenomena.
Gamma rays are so energetic they''re believed to be able to travel faster than light.

Enthusiastic crowd.
1. Very much in favor, strongly positively inclined to the subject, very actively supportive.
The project staff were very enthusiastic about the proposal, which would greatly assist their work.

Excited molecules.
1. Emotionally charged, positive or negative.
2. Higher charged energy, state like fire or electromagnetically induced excitement of particles.
They were very excited about getting their new house.
Particles in an excited state exhibit very different behaviors to their lower energy characteristics.

Exuberant decoration.
1. (human) Very happy, carefree, full of life, extroverted exhibition of joy.
2. (objects) Expressing joy and happy abandon, full of life and color, unrestrained expression of pleasure.
Jane was positively exuberant that her work was getting positive reviews from people who understood it.
The artworks could only be called exuberant, bursting with energy and color.

Fair 1. (classical) Alternate understated term for beauty, poetic term used to describe setting or person in context of appearance.
2. (physical descriptor of appearance) Blond, healthy, attractive, good looking.
3. (characteristic of person) Just, equitable, honest, unbiased, willing to consider both sides of a situation.
4. (event) Meeting of people in a professional or charity event environment, including stalls, media, performers, and related elements.

A land so fair.
Fair haired people are a regular fashion trend.
I''m prepared to give you a fair hearing.
The career fair was a big success.

Faithful angler fish.
1. Description of group of religious believers.
2. Strongly and consistently loyal, to person or cause.
3. Trustworthy, reliable, unwaveringly supportive.
4. Following a reliable pattern of behavior.
The faithful gathered at the mountain.
She''s always been utterly faithful to that man.
The faithful truck rattled up the hill.
This type of TV faithfully breaks down after 24 hours use.

Fantastic landscape.
1. Concept based on fantasy or imagination.
2. Very positive, used as superlative.
3. Ridiculous, implausible, highly unlikely, absurd.
It was a fantastic concept, barely believable, but it worked.
Fantastic creativity, the sort rarely seen in the mainstream.
It sounded fantastic, the product of an imagination with no regard for reality, and it was their business plan.

Fine wrist watch.
1. Good, OK, affirmative.
2. High quality, applied to industrial goods, antiques, coins, and materials.
3. Good weather.
4. Geological environmental and building trades descriptor of particulate matter like dust, sand, denoting size and quality.
5. Situational descriptor, denoting narrow degree of definitions.
Fine, happy to do it.
This gold coin is in particularly fine condition.
The day was fine, so were the people.
The fine dust on Mars is believed to be a potential risk to a manned landing.
It was a fine line between trust and disbelief.

Friendly stickmen.
1. Acting or behaving as in friendship.
2. Descriptor of indicating friendliness and lack of hostility.
3. Abstract reference to nature of a situation or helpful act.
4. Descriptor of a relationship, qualified by context.
The neighbors were always friendly.
The locals seemed friendly enough.
It was a friendly gesture from a stranger.
It was a particularly friendly thing to do, especially since the others obviously disapproved.

Funny faces.
1. Laughable, witty, joking, giving amusement.
2. Odd, unlikely, out of character, weird under the circumstances, suspicious.
3. (Person) Odd person, humorous character, joker, clown, strange person.

It was a very funny moment.
That was a funny thing to say, really didn''t make sense.
He''s a very funny guy, but definitely also very strange.

Gentle wave.
1. careful not to injure or offend.
2. Light touch or action.
3. Slight angle, rise or incline.
4. Civilized, proper, well brought up, (same sense as gentleman).
1. Katherine was very gentle with the poor little kitten.
2. The touch was gentle.
3. The slope was quite gentle.
4. Gentle persons all, they made a point of not noticing Fred''s embarrassment.

The glorious battle of the Red Army against Boris Savinkov.
1. A state of glory, admiration, triumph.
2. Superlative, referring to noun and related circumstances.
3. Term for fame.
4. Excessive state, often humorous or overstated.
The victory was a glorious achievement over appalling odds.
The glorious morning shone with Spring.
''Death or glory!'' was the cry.
He was gloriously lost in the book.

Have a good time.
1. State of positive moral virtue.
2. Condition or nature of person, situation or object.
3. Qualifier to circumstances or issues.
4. Descriptor of person''s character or works.
5. Big, large, quality.
6. Referring to talent or skills.
7. Positive, affirmative.
8. Descriptor of effect or result.
This is a good person, someone you know you can trust.
The car''s in good condition, cheap at the price.
We''re in a good situation, with few costs and a lot to gain by doing business.
George did a lot of good work among the poor on his own initiative, outside working hours.
That's a very good size bed for the price.
Daphne is an extremely good code writer, very efficient.
That's good.
The methods were clumsy and slow, but the results were good.

Happy smiling baby.
In a state of happiness, joyful, experiencing enjoyment, condition of pleasure.
Lucky condition, good circumstances.
Expression of pleasure in conversational usage.
They were so happy to have their dog back, they fed it and forgot to eat themselves.
It was a happy chance that motorist showed up, or we'd have been stuck there for days.
Happy to be of service.

Healthy snacks.
1. In good condition, relating to health, indicating approval of a subject or action, positive descriptor.
2. Contextual adjective related to a concept.
3. Actual or metaphoric reference to a person.
It was a very healthy response from a dilapidated looking organization.
Healthy skepticism raises the standards of information.
He suddenly looked very healthy for someone who''d been acting like an invalid.

Helping hand.
1. Providing positive assistance, giving good support, descriptor of responsiveness to need for aid, practical effects of service.
They were surprisingly helpful in many ways, also highly supportive when asked.

A hilarious prank.
1. Extremely humorous, superlative description of general mirth caused by humor or action.
It was hilarious to see them try to coax the puppy off stage in the middle of a chorus line.

The three jolly kittens
1. Effusive good humor, general demeanor of happiness, environment or time of social joy.
The mood in the office went from grim to suddenly very jolly when the old boss left.

Joyous carnival festival.
1. State of joy, descriptor of state of extreme happiness in context with subject.
It really was a joyous event, people were literally dancing and singing in the streets.

Mother teresa''s memorial statue.
1. Act of timely assistance, generosity, good hearted, providing comfort, considerate response to need.
Some people are naturally kind, helpful and supportive, even to total strangers.

Lively market.
1. Very active, busy, comparative to other levels of activity.
The place was very lively, everyone was busy doing something.

A lovely weed at cobbler creek, adelaide, south australia.
1. Beautiful, person, place or object.
2. Adorable, inspiring affection.
The only word for the place was ''lovely'', a wonderful spot to just relax and enjoy.
She looked absolutely lovely, very endearing in her new dress.

Lucky lottery tickets.
1. Fortunate, happy chance, unexpected good event or circumstances.
2. Action resulting in an unanticipated good result.
3. Person with a tendency to good fortune in any situation.
Lucky to be alive, they didn''t give the avalanche another chance to hit them.
Talk about lucky, I went looking for my keys and found $500.
The guy''s so lucky he''d win a lottery without even trying.

Have a nice day.
1. Good, expression of approval, understated adjective referring to positive or negative situation.
2. A fine point of definition or measure of degree of situation.
3. (Person) good character, pleasant, expression of good reference.
A nice situation to be in.
There''s a nice level of difference in red and rouge.
A very nice guy, reliable and thoughtful.

Obedient dog.
1. Following instructions faithfully, complying with the letter of an order or command.
2. Context of behavior in relation to another factor like an ideology or concept.
This is an unusually obedient dog.
Obedient to his beliefs, he fasted for a day.

Perfect body.
1. State of perfection, flawless, needing no changes.
2. (Verb) to make perfect, to refine to perfection.
3. (Tense) Finished sense of an act.
The glass sphere was polished to perfection.
I''m perfecting my techniques, step by step.
The sentence has been completed.

Pleasant day.
Pleasing, enjoyable, nice, likable, something good of nature, a positive sense of reference.
It''s a very pleasant environment in which to work.

Proud moment.
State of pride in self or achievement.
Dignified, demanding respect for person.
Self obsessed, insisting on status.
A history of a group, particularly military or sporting.
Enthusiasm and pride in the achievements of others, like a supported person, group or cause.
He''s naturally proud of that award.
She''s a very proud person, won''t ask for help.
There''s such a thing as too proud, demanding a social position at the expense of those more suited to it.
The battalion had a proud tradition, and lived up to it bravely.
She was justifiably proud of her daughter''s achievements.

No Worries.
1. Have stress, strain or pressure removed, reduced worry.
2. Expressing visible signs or making statements indicating relief.
They were so relieved to get that heavy load off their shoulders.
She really looked relieved to have the whole turgid matter finalized.

Silly face.
1. Stupid, dumb, ignorant, unthinking, lacking wisdom.
2. Act of idiocy, mistake.
3. Frivolous, brainless, not considering others.
It was a silly thing for them to even try doing.
That was a remarkably silly thing for supposedly intelligent beings to do.
Don''t be so silly, annoying everyone like that.

Smiling face.
1. Act of a smile.
2. Description of a person in context with actions.
3. To look benevolently upon an issue or person.
They were smiling at the response from the audience.
Smiling he walked away, leaving them with more questions than they had before.
They were smiling upon the sales team, after that effort.

Splendid sunbird.
1. Having splendor, characteristic of bright nature.
2. Excellent, highly praiseworthy.
3. Superlative related to aesthetics of place, person or object.
4. Held in high regard, used as adjective.
The splendid grounds were a perfect match for the old house.
It was a splendid effort on the part of the tired firefighters to save the building.
The interior of the shanty was a real surprise, with a splendid collection of books.
My splendid driver didn't even blink at the situation.

Successful missile launch test.
1. Achieving goal or objective.
2. Meeting criteria for success.
3. Good result or method.
4. (Person) Description of nature, professional practices, business.
5. (Idea or concept) A working theory, idea or concept achieving the desired results.
It was a very successful expedition.
The project successfully met all original criteria.
It''s a particularly successful way of doing business.
He''s one of those people who really deserves to be called successful.
The new approach to the problem was successful, solving all the problems.

A trashcan saying ''Thank you''.
1. Grateful, demonstrating thanks, appreciative, state of giving thanks.
They were both silently and visibly thankful for the assistance, some cheering, some smiling quietly.

Thoughtful state.
1. In a state of thought, consideration, reasoning.
2. Kind idea or action.
We were very thoughtful regarding this new development, because it opened up a lot of new opportunities.
It was a particularly thoughtful, helpful thing to do.

Rugby world cup winners.
1. The state of victory.
2. Descriptor for winners in a conflict or sport.
3. Mentality of victors.
The victorious team did a lap of honor for the fans.
Victorious after a long hard game, they were able to smile through the bruises.
The victorious army were restrained from inappropriate acts by their officers.

Vivacious young woman.
1. Effusive, lively, socially active, having a sparkling personality.
She''s one of the few people I''ve ever met who I could call truly vivacious, a great mixer and socializer, but never dull or predictable.

A witty saying.
1. Humorous, having quick wit, making jokes, seeing the funny side of situations, penetrant comments or perspectives.
This was obviously a naturally witty person, very quick to see the ramifications of the situation.

A small wonderful waterfall in scotland.
1. Good, positive, excellent, superlative.
2. Causing wonder in a positive sense.
3. Surprising or stunning sensation.
It was wonderful to see everyone was all right, after that terrible incident.

Zany 1. Funny in a grotesque, outlandish, strange, freakish or unexpected sense.
2. Character of person in the same senses.
Zany humor tends to attract zany people.

Zealous agriculturists.
1. Showing great effort, meticulous of purpose, dedicated, nature of commitment to a cause or group, sometimes refers to overdoing a role.
The guy was zealous to the point of being a cause of concern to all around him.