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Examples of Adjectives -Quantity!

Abundant How can you be sure that petrol will become less abundant?
Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the world.

Empty Refrigerator.
There are 3 empty houses in our street.
He drove through streets empty of traffic.
You should take this medicine on an empty stomach.

Few I have few choclates left.
I have so few chances to enjoy myself.
John was among the few who really understood it.

The Streets of Nadi gets flooded after heavy rainfall.
Heavy rainfall disrupts life in India.
I am feeling a bit heavy today.
My boss has given me a heavy load to deal with in this email.
After doing exercise her breathing became slow and heavy.

Light A light sleeper is a person whose sleep is easily ended, as by a soft noise.
I travel light.
A light hand is needed in playing quiet music.
I must finish this painting while the light lasts.

Many Pebbles.
How many letters are there in the alphabet?
Were there many people at the play?
You have many books on the shelf.
There are too many dresses to choose from.

Numerous That bird has become more numerous around here lately.
I have heard it numerous times.

Substantial Though they disagreed on details, they were in substantial agreement over the plan.
The plans were fulfilled and the dream house became a substantial building.
A substantial supply of food.