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Examples of Adjectives -Appearance!

Adorable What an adorable baby!

Aggressive He is an aggressive person and likely to start a fight.
If you want to be a successful businessman you must be aggresive and not worry about other people's feelings.

Alert He is an alert boy.

Attractive Building.
Who is the most attractive lady in the hollywood.
Your idea is very attractive.

Annual average rainfall of Sri Lanka.
What is the average rainfall for July?
There was nothing special about it, it was only average.
He is above average in his lessons.
On average we receive 6 emails each day.
The average of 3,8, and 10 is 7.

Beautiful She is a beautiful woman.
Your dress is really beautiful.

Bloody Don't be a bloody fool.
He escaped from the fight with nothing worse than a bloody nose.
A bloody battle.

Blushing The blushing bride.

Bright Her face was bright with happiness.
You have a bright future ahead of you, my boy!
What a bright sunny day!

Clean Please clean the windows as I can hardly see out.
The police searched me but I was clean.
Metal ornaments clean easily.
I have to clean the chicken before I can cook it.
Why doesn't the government come clean and tell us its plan?

Clear This soap should help clear your skin.
You can see clear to the mountains today.
Clear the people away from the palace gates.
How long does it take for a cheque to clear?
I like to clear my debts as quickly as possible as I don't like owing people money.
Speak loud and clear.

Sun on a cloudy day.
A cloudy day.
A cloudy sky.
His memory has always been cloudy.

Colorful A bird with colorful wings.
A colorful period of history.
A colorful language.
He writes in a colourful manner.

Cute What a cute painting.
Let's go for a walk and look for cute women.
She wore a cute dress in the party.

Dark clouds over rum.
Can cats really see in the dark.
In winter it gets dark here early.
Don't always look on the dark side of things.
They kept the public in the dark about the agreement.
We don't go out after dark.

Distinct Those two ideas are quite distinct.
They wanted to form a new and completely distinct political party.
There's is a distinct smell of beer in this room.

Dull I cannot teach such dull children.
I slept through his dull speech.
If you got to bed late,you will feel too dull to work the next day.
It is dull today,we shall have rain.

Elegant An elegant woman.
She is very elegant in her manners.

Excited I was very excited about my promotion.
How do electrons become excited?
An electron can become excited if it is provided more energy.

Fancy This is a fancy dress.
I hate his fancy ideas.

Filthy A really filthy day.
My mother scolded me because the house was so filthy.

Glamorous A glamorous girl.
A glamorous job.

Gorgeous He says she is a gorgeous person.
This cake is gorgeous.
50 gorgeous girls dancing in our show!

Graceful She is a graceful dancer.

Grotesque The child drew grostesque animals, unlike horses, dogs, or cows.
A man with a height of less than 7 feet would look rather grotesque.

Portrait of a handsome man in front of blue sky.
A handsome man.
He has earned a handsome amount of money.

Homely I live in a beautiful flat, which is very homely.
In spite the size of the organization, it feels quite homely.

Light A light sleeper is a person whose sleep is easily ended, as by a soft noise.
I travel light.
A light hand is needed in playing quiet music.
I must finish this painting while the light lasts.

Long Sticks.
He is taking a long time to get here.
How long is the speech.
It was a long day waiting for the news.
I cannot stay for long.
He always takes so long to eat his breakfast.

Magnificent The queen was wearing a magnificent silver dress.

Misty It was a misty morning but it soon became clear when the sun began to shine.
The misty mountains.

Motionless The cat remained motionless,waiting for the mouse to come out of his hole.

Muddy The roads can be uneven and muddy when wet.
The movie is nice, but the sound is muddy
Take off your muddy shoes before entering into the house.

Old-fashioned His old-fashioned courtesy and good behavior have an extraordinary effect too.
My grandmother still lives in an oldfashioned house.
Add the milk and the sugar to an old-fashioned glass.
It does not look new, yet it does not look old-fashioned either.

Plain It's just plain foolishness to spend all your money on amusements.!
Explain it in plain language.
It's quite plain that you have not been paying attention.

Poised The sick man is poised between life and death.
The army was poised for action.
She sat poised on the edge of a chair as if ready to go.
The bee hung poised above the flower.

Precious My time is precious, I can only give you a few minutes.
Your friendship is most precious to me.
That beautiful piece of glass is very precious.

Quaint A quaint old lady.
My friend lives in a quaint village with her grandfather.

Shiny A shiny dress.
A little dab will be sufficient to make your skin shiny.

Smoggy Yesterday it was a smoggy day in london.

Spotless I get a great deal of pleasure in keeping my house spotless.
Please ensure the bottom 1 inch of the glass is completely spotless.

A stormy day.
A stormy day.
A stormy quarrel.
A stormy weather.

Strange He stood in a strange street.
What a strange idea!
The street he stood in was strange to him.

Unusual I like that painting; it's most unusual.