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Examples of Adjectives -Taste & Touch!

Bitter It was a bitter disappointment to him when he failed his examination.
A bitter winter wind.

Boiling Water and oil have different boiling points.
I hate boiling hot weather.

A breazy day
It''s quite breezy today, so it will be a good day to dry the wet washing.
His breezy manner made him popular with the other workers, but not with his employers.

Broken A broken marriage.
A broken journey.
A window broken by a ball.

Japanese road sign ''Bumpy road''.
A bumpy road.
We''ve had rather a bumpy time since the war.

Chilly I feel chilly without a coat.
It grew chilly when the fire went out.
The king was given a chilly welcome when he arrived on the island.

A cold day
I am feeling cold today.
I knocked him cold with one blow.
When he asked her to marry him she refused him cold.
It''s nice to put on a warm coat and go for a walk in the cold.

Cool A cool wind blew off the sea.
As it was a hot day she wore a cool dress.
The president was given a cool welcome when he visited London.
Open the windows to cool the room.
Let your tea cool a little before you drink it.
This businessman earns a cool $10,000 a month.

Creepy A creepy old house.

Crooked A crooked street.
That printing is crooked - Can you straighten it up?
She was trying to convince me in his crooked deals.

Woman with curly hair.
Cathy has black naturally curly hair.
How to Straighten Curly Hair.

Damp The damp in the air makes my old bones hurt.
A damp room.
A few weeks' hard work should damp down his keenness.

Delicious What delicious food you have cooked.
What is the most delicious food in india?

Dirty road in Arzamas district.
My dress is getting dirty and needs washing.
Repairing cars is a dirty job.
The fisherman won''t go out on such a dirty night.
A dirty big house.
He played a dirty trick on me by refusing to do what he had promised.
They sat up drinking and telling dirty stories.

Dry The clothes are dry.
The soil is too dry for planting.
I always feel dry in this hot weather.
I like his dry humour.
The book was as dry as dust.
Are any parts of the US still dry?
Dry your wet hands.

Dusty In the summer the town becomes dusty.

Filthy A really filthy day.
My mother scolded me because the house was so filthy.

Fluttering I can hear a bird fluttering in the chimney.

Freezing It is very cold today; the temperature has dropped to freezing point.
The freezing point of alcohol is much lower than that of water.
It must be 5 degrees below freezing today.

Fresh fruits and vegetables
You can buy fresh fruit and vegetables in the market.
Fresh butter has no salt added to it.
Let me make you a fresh pot of tea.
Fresh goods appear in our shops every week.

Fuzzy The television picture is rather fuzzy tonight.

Greasy The roads are greasy after the rain.

Hard A hard question.
A hard problem.

Loose The animals broke loose and left the field.
I bought these sweets loose.
That word has many loose meanings.
A loose woman.

Melted The opposition melted away.

Most nutritious and beautiful fruit from swat valley pakistan.
Eat lots of good nutritious food.

Plastic I do not like this new plastic milk you can buy in tins.
A plastic spoon.

Prickly Prickly woollen underclothes.

Rainy A very rainy day.
You should save something for a rainy day.

Ripe A man ripe in experience.
She is not yet ripe fro marriage.
That joke was rather ripe.
I won''t tell her the news until the time is ripe.

Rotten What a rotten thing to do to her!
What rotten weather!
A rotten branch.
Rotten Eggs.

Rough A very rough crossing to france.
Write it out in rough and then copy it.
I have a rough where it is.
The rough road made the cart shake.

Salty A salty look provided by his sailor hat.
Salty humour.

Scattered The weather report says we will have scattered showers today.

Shaggy A shaggy beard.
A shaggy coat.

Shaky A shaky hand.
Shaky ladder.
Shaky in her beliefs.

Sharp A sharp mind. She was sharp with her son who was late for dinner.
The meeting starts at 3 o'' clock sharp: don''t be late.
You will have to look sharp if you want to be on time.

Silky A dress of some silky material.
The cat''s fine silky fur.

Slippery Drive very carefully : the roads are wet and slippery.

Smooth The sea looks calm and smooth.
Distrust a very smooth salesman.
A smooth road.
A face cream that claims to smooth away wrinkles.

Soft His foot sank slightly into the soft ground.
A soft answer to an angry question.
We are lucky that the local water is quite soft.
Have you gone soft in the head?

Solid At what temperature does alcohol become a solid.
The milk in the bottles had frozen solid.
They dug down until they hit solid rock.
The members were solid against the idea.

Sour The milk has gone sour: it has a sour taste.
Sour green apples.

Spicy She prepared a spicy soup.
She is known for her spicy comments.
My father does not want me to see the spicy pictures on this web site.

Stale I am getting stale: I need a change.
The same stale jokes I have heard 50 times before.

Steady She needs to marry someone steady.
She is going steady with him for a long time: do you think they will get married soon.
A cup of tea will steady your nerves.

Sticky She fell in the sticky mud. I asked him to lend me some money, but he was a bit sticky about it.
His fingers are sticky with sweets.

Strong She is not very strong after her illness.
The tea is too strong.
It''s a bit strong to punish them for such a small thing.
He held the door back with his strong arm.

Sweet A very sweet person.
The sweet smell of success.

Tart Have some more apple tart.

Tasteless The potatoes were tasteless without salt.

Tasty A tasty meal.
A tasty piece of news about our neighbour.

Tender Cook the meat in a long time so that it''s really tender.
After riding such a long way on a bicycle his bottom was very tender.
A child of tender years.
One should always avoid tender subjects of conversation at parties.

Thirsty Salty food makes one thirsty.
The fields are thirsty for rain.
She was thirsty for news of her children.
Cricket is a thirsty game to play on a hot day.

Tight This drawer is so tight I can''t open it.
Pull the thread tight.
I have got a very tight schedule today so I can''t see you until tomorrow.
She held him tight in her arms.

Uneven His heart beat at an uneven rate.
His work has been rather uneven this year.
Her has been badly cut and the ends are uneven.

Warm Come and have a warm by the fire.
A warm argument.
We were warm from exercise.
It was a warm climb.
A warm welcome.

Weak His legs felt weak.
A weak heart.
She is weak in English.
He served stale chapatis and weak tea.

Wet country road.
I can''t go out because the coat I brought is too thin to protect me from the wet.
Don''t go out ,you will get wet through.
Come and walk on the dry road, instead of going through the wet.