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Examples of Adjectives -Positive!

Amazing waterfall.
The new car goes at an amazing speed.
You wife is an amazing woman.
He has amazing skills.

Awesome The earthquake was awesome in its destructive power.
The fountain in the middle of the garden was an awesome sight.

Blithesome A blithesome nature.

Excellent The rail museum was nice, excellent in fact.
The organization started in 2000 and has earned an excellent reputation for the highest levels of customer satisfaction and friendly service.
I found the book excellent.

Fabulous He politely agreed and it was fabulous to have him.
A fabulous sum of money.
Fabulous creatures.

Fantastic views from sutton bank across to the yorkshire dales.
It was a fantastic concept, barely believable, but it worked.
Fantastic creativity, the sort rarely seen in the mainstream.
It sounded fantastic, the product of an imagination with no regard for reality, and it was their business plan.
A fantastic sum of money.
I had a fantastic holiday, and I cannot stop myself to tell you everything about it!

Favorable The doctor gave a very favorable report on my health.
I hear favorable accounts of your work.
We can sail there in an hour, if the wind is favorable.

Fortuitous Let me wish you on this fortuitous occasion!
A fortuitous meeting.

Great It was a great loss to us all.
She is a great friend.
That great tree takes away all the light.
He is always talking about his connections with the great.
What a great idea!

Incredible She has incredible house.
An incredible idea.

Ineffable There are many ineffable qualities of GOD that has been lost in our this modern world.
When the Australia cricket team won, the spectators were left in ineffable joy.
A smile of ineffable joy.

Outstanding Some work still outstanding.
Some debts still outstanding.

Perfect The weather during our holiday was perfect.
She still has a perfect set of teeth.
It is a perfect nonsense to say you are 200 years old.
This big house is perfect for our large family.

Propitious Some people believe that the appearance of a black cat is a propitious sign; others believe that black cats are unlucky.

Remarkable A most remarkable sunset.
She is remarkable for her sweet temper.

Smart car.
You look very smart in that new shirt.
You ought to play it smart and stop smoking.

Spectacular Due to the nice weather we have been enjoying, they are looking spectacular.
You must enjoy the spectacular views of river Thames.
The artists were spectacular.

Splendid A splendid example of stupidity.

Super dome car
This site always runs super fast, so people never get bored waiting!

Ultimate The is the ultimate source of power.
The ultimate responsibility lies with the president.
After many defeats, the war ended for us in ultimate victory.

Unbelievable It''s unbelievable how many cats she has.
Her singing voice is unbelievable.

Open What a wondrous sight to see!