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Examples of Adjectives -Negative Feelings!

Are you afraid of the dark?
The kids are afraid of the monster under the bed.
I am afraid we no longer have that product in our inventory.

Angry face
He was so angry he lost his temper.
An angry tiger attacked the lion who was threating her cubs.
The bayonet left two angry cuts across the enemies chest.

Anxious He was anxious to please his relatives.
He was anxious about safety of his money.
The period of his illness was anxious for all of us.

Arrogant She was so arrogant that she thought he could win the cricket game all by herself.
She seems arrogant because she is going for what she wants regardless of what others opinions.

Ashamed face
He was ashamed that he had lied.
Never feel ashamed to admit your mistakes.
You should be ashamed to tell such lies.

Awful It sounds awful.
The pain was awful.
It was the most awful experience I ever had.

Bad I felt really bad for her.
At a cost of $20 single, the rail giving at $30 doesn't look bad.
Failing to follow good etiquette is bad manners.
He has bad credit and need a loan.
There are ways to make a bad relationship good again.

Bewildered He had a bewildered expression on his face.

Black colour
Your hands are black!Go and wash them.
He gave me a black look.
After the death of her husband,she dressed in deep black for the rest of her life.

Blue colour
The sky is deep blue.
She wore a light blue dress.
He painted the door blue.
I am feeling rather blue today.

I am bored.
Bright children get easily bored by boring stuff.
She gets bored easily.
People who get bored easily are are at higher risk for depression.

Clumsy Her clumsy speech annoyed everyone.
You should not wear such clumsy shoes.

Combative He is combative by nature:he enjoys an argument.

Condemned Although this house is condemned, an old man still lives here.
The prisoner was condemned to death.
The court condemned him to spend all his life in prison.

Confused face
He is totally confused about choosing the right career.
Its easy to get confused by multiple options.

Crazy Are you crazy to go out in this stormy weather.
She is crazy about singing.
You have to work like crazy to get this done.

Cruel The cruel master beat his slaves mercilessly with a whip.
Anyone who likes watching animals suffer is cruel.

Dangerous Sign
It is dangerous to smoke.
The Gaboon viper is the most dangerous snake in the world.

Defeated The Australian cricket team defeated the Indian team in the match by 200 runs.
Barack Obama has defeated John McCain of Republican Party.

Defiant By age 6 or 7, a defiant child is hard to get along with other children.
It is difficult to teach a defiant child.

Depressed man.
The person who becomes depressed may think often of suicide.
He was depressed because he could not get another job.

Disgusted It was winter time, and his behaviour really made me feel disgusted.

Disturbed The emotionally disturbed people are often difficult to treat.

Dull I cannot teach such dull children.
I slept through his dull speech.
If you got to bed late,you will feel too dull to work the next day.
It is dull today,we shall have rain.

Embarrassed She was embarrassed when they asked her age.
He was embarrassed
Do not feel embarrassed about how you think.

Envious She was envious of her sister' beauty.

In an evil hour,I agreed to marry him.
Her evil deeds do not allow her to return to God for forgiveness.
Men are punished for their own evil deeds.

Fierce He made a fierce speech,urging them to fight.
That lion looks very fierce.

Foolish It would be a foolish thing to spend money on something you cannot afford.
He has given a foolish answer.

Frantic The mother was frantic with grief when she heard that her son was dead.
That noise is driving me frantic.
I have had a frantic rush to get my work done.

Frightened He was frightened at the thought of his coming examination.
The frightened horse ran away from the fire.
Some people are frightened of thunder, others of snakes.
He was frightened to look down from the top of the tall building.

Grieving She is still grieving for her dead husband.
Grieving the loss of a loved can take a very long time.

Grumpy She is very grumpy when her tooth aches.

Homeless child
Some children in India are homeless and do not have any family or house, therefore they live on the street.
India has a huge population of homeless children.

Hungry I am hungry for news of my brother, who lives away from home.
I think many people feel hungry, most of the time after having a bath

Hurt It won't hurt to wait a bit longer
I was very hurt at his words.
It won't hurt you to miss breakfast for once.

Ill She is ill,so she cannot come.
He suffers from ill health.
He is ill at ease at parties.
The child has been ill treated.

Itchy He has Itchy feeling under lower Lip

Jealous He is jealous of their success.
She was jealous when she discovered that he loved someone else
She is a jealous woman.

Jittery She is very jittery about her medical checkup

Lazy A lazy afternoon.
He is too lazy to get up.
She is a lazy eater & likes to sleep on the job

Lonely Tree
She lived a lonely life.
I felt lonely and tensed when I came to UK.

Mysterious A mysterious explanation.
The rivers have a mysterious look in the morning.

Nasty It is a nasty book,the work of a nasty mind.
He turned nasty when I said I could not pay him.
The hotel bill was a nasty shock.

Naughty You naughty boy! I told you not to play in the road.
It is naughty to pull your sister's hair.
It was naughty of father to stay out so late.
It was very naughty of that scientist to mention only the people who agree with his ideas.

Nervous I am always nervous when I have to give a speech.
You are making me nervous with your stories of how hard the examination is.
Almost everyone gets nervous before exams.

Nutty I like to make a nutty orange cake.
He is as nutty as a fruitcake.

Obnoxious Such obnoxious behavior is not allowed.
If you display obnoxious behavior, you will lose opportunities.
Very annoying, offensive, odious or contemptible.

Repulsive A repulsive character.
A repulsive skin disease.

Scary A scary dark street.
Don't be so scary ;we are quite safe.

Selfish She is being selfish with her money.
A selfish man can never make a good friend.

Sore I have a sore throat from cold.

Tense I was so tense the night before my examination that I could not sleep.

Naughty We had a terrible time on holiday.
A terrible war.

Thoughtless It was thoughtless of you to forget your sister's birthday.
It was very thoughtless to eat all the cake and leave none for me.
A man with a wife and children cannot afford to be thoughtless of the future.

Statue of the tired man
I am so tired I could not sleep for a week.
I am tired of your stupid conversation.
The same tired old subjects come up year after year.

Troubled The wind troubled the surface of the lake.

Upset My son had a stomach upset today morning.
Medications for an upset stomach can be very expensive.
He is upset about losing his job.

Uptight Stop being so uptight.
Parents are often very uptight about dating.

Weary A weary day.
A weary smile.

Wicked It is a wicked waste of money.
You wicked girl.

Worried He is worried about his mother's mental health.
I am worried about my future.