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Examples of Adjectives -Sound!

Cooing Even cooing at babies can sometimes become so tiring.
Modern realistic baby dolls make cooing noises.

Deafening The noise of train inside a tunnel is quite deafening.

Faint rainbow.
He felt faint for lack of food.
The colours became more faint as the sun set.

Harsh Her voice was harsh, her words hardly understandable.
Harsh punishment should be given for drunk driving.
He usually speaks with a taunting harsh tone.

High-Pitched She screams in a high-pitched voice.
There are many animals that can make high pitched sounds.

Hissing Snakes make a hissing sound.

Hushed You must explain him in a hushed tone.
In a hushed voice She said, 'Hello'.

Husky At last She said, in a low, husky voice: ' I am afraid we are on the wrong side'.

Loud A loud radio.
A loud music.

Moaning He was moaning and asking for medical help.

Mute Please mute the sound on the TV for a moment, I am talking on the mobile.

Noisy This is a very noisy office.

A Purring Cat.
Purring is the cats natural way of communicating.

Quiet The trains are quiet in the afternoon.
The sea was quiet.
The traffic was quiet on sunday.
She is a very quiet woman usually, but becomes very chatty after drinking a few glasses of beers.

Raspy Never ignore a raspy voice-My brother suffered with a raspy voice for a long time.

Shrill A Shrill Whistle.

Silent What's wrong? Why are you so silent?
The law is silent on this difficult point.
The silent hours of the night.

Soft Ground
A soft answer to an angry question.
A soft summer evening.
We are lucky that the local water is quite soft.
His foot sank slightly into the soft ground.

Thundering The ministers lives in a thundering big house in the country.

Voiceless He sat there silent, making some voiceless movements with his lips.
The voiceless sounds ' f,k,t ' are color coded blue.

Whispering What are you whispering about?
Stop whispering, I can still hear you!