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Examples of Adjectives -Shape!

Broad A broad river.
A broad suggestion.
I have a broad general idea of your plan:now give me the details.

Crooked That painting is crooked - can you straighten it up?
I am fed up with rude, corrupt and crooked police officers.

A rectangular curved mirror.
The road curved to the right.
Curved Surface area of a cylinder.

Deep A deep mind.
They danced deep into the night.
He pushed his stick deep into the mud.
I have a deep dark secret.
Deep sleep plays an important role in physical health.
Lets all take a deep breath.

A flat-screen computer display.
I hit him with the flat of my hand.
Lie down flat.
Everything seems so flat since John left.
I got dressed in 5 minutes flat.
I bought a new flat in August.
I won't go and that's flat.
The joke fell flat.
The earth is round not flat.

A pair of high-heeled shoes.
At high altitudes, this atmospheric pressure is lower than at sea level.
I have a high blood pressure.
My Father has high expectations from me .

Hollow A hollow wall.
It was something of a hollow victory - he won the case but lost all her money in legal fees.
Hollow promises are unhealthy.

Low The river is getting low and will soon dry up.
Use a low gear when driving slowly.
I have a low opinion of that book.
He is low with an illness.
A man of low birth.
A low temperature.

Narrow The gate is too narrow for a car; we will have to walk through.
A narrow examination of the facts.
A narrow river.
The secret is known only to narrow group of people.

Round The earth turns round once in 24 hours.
He lives somewhere round.
John works all the year round without a holiday.
A strange story has been going round.
Let's go into the palace and have a look round.
He's got his hat on the wrong way round.
They invited us round for drinks.
Send the invitations round.

Shallow The shallow end of a swimming pool.
A shallow argument.

Skinny Her attire does not show how skinny she really is.

A square wave.
Are you being square with me?
Our account is all square.
The room is 10 feet square.
All my papers were lost in the fire so now I'm back to square one with the work.
A square deal.
He looked her square in the eye.

Steep A steep rise in prices.
He is asking $10000 for his old car, which I think is a bit steep.

Striaght Line.
She has straight not curly hair.
Go straight to school without stopping.
Put the mirror straight.
A straight answer.
I am too tired to to think straight.

Wide What he told me had happened was quite wide of the mark.
Keep your eyes and mind wide open!.