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Examples of Writer Careers

The word 'writer' covers a lot of different types of career descriptions:

  • Book authors/creative writers
  • Script writers
  • Copywriters
  • SEO writers
  • Journalists
  • Article writers
  • Freelance writers
  • Web content writers
  • Technical writers
  • Bloggers
  • Critics
  • Commentators

Most professional writers do several of these kinds of work in a career. Some of these jobs are in fact combinations of multiple roles. Freelancers usually work across several bandwidths of writing. Some writers are specialists, some quite literally write about anything and everything.

Career path

Writing is taught academically at various levels. It is quite possible to have a writing career without formal qualifications, but the knowledge supplied by the training has to be learned anyway. Best practice is to learn fast, and learn well. As a career, writing can be fabulous, but aspiring writers must learn the business skills and to speak the language of the multiple media forms in which they work.

Career progression

This can be a complex process. For writers, experience is one of the keystones to their skills, and the primary ingredient of portfolios. As you learn and develop your writing skills and ideas, your writing evolves. Exposure to different types of writing, therefore, directs career choices to a large extent.

The other major factors are talent and expertise. Some of the world's best writers developed their skills by writing on the subjects that most interested them. Motivation developed their skills as much as the work itself. Creative writing, in particular, is based more on motivation than anything else.

The business side of writing is a business. Business sense in the writing profession is based on knowing how to operate finances and deal with clients and contractual obligations. It's important to understand the intellectual property issues, rights, and have a good working knowledge of how to manage contracts.

Commercial writing also involves a lot of client relationships and sometimes complex issues when working with others. Working with people and good communications between writers and clients are the fundamental skills required in this type of writing.

If you're an ideas person, creative, know how to express ideas and how to explain things well with a love of writing, the writing career should be a primary career choice. Writing is the most portable skill in the world. It can be both personally and financially rewarding, and the scope for creativity is literally unlimited.

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