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Examples of Bookkeeper Careers

Bookkeepers do the detailed work preparation of information for organisational financial records. This is essential work, critically important for ensuring accuracy of records which are primary sources of information which in many cases has legal and statutory status. Bookkeepers deal with the entire range of documentation generated by transactions. They're also frequently responsible for sorting out the mess which can be created in the course of business.

Career path

Bookkeeping is a formal study, which can be done at community college level. The bookkeeping qualifications are particularly useful in the job market, being very portable skills with an almost endless range of applications across industries.

The most common forms of career paths in bookkeeping are quite literally developed on the job. Bookkeepers generally start out in basic roles, developing skills and expertise and very valuable experience in a range of industries. The books kept by different types of business and industry all have their own characteristics and correlations, and experienced bookkeepers perform valuable work by maintaining appropriate levels of accuracy and oversight of information.

Career progression

Bookkeepers are frequently employed by accountants specifically because of their expertise in managing large amounts of raw data business generates. They're frequently employed specifically as troubleshooters to deal with problematic books and related financial records. An experienced bookkeeper can spot a mistake almost instantly, and know where to source information to correct it.

This is absolutely essential, high-value work, and highlights the distinction between the common myth of bookkeepers as 'low-level accountants.' and their actual functions. Career progression bookkeepers is in fact based on extensive skills at an almost forensic level, and bookkeeping roles are commonly built in to organisations at the highest levels of financial management. Job titles may vary, but the role is essentially the same.

Bookkeeping is a major career asset in all types of business. It's particularly useful in commerce, retail and as a service for self-employed people, many of whom need the expertise of bookkeepers to keep their own records in order.

Employment examples - Freelance bookkeeping, professional outsource for accounting firms, involving forensic accountancy.

Why this job?

To provide specialized services for business and accountants