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Examples of Financial Controller Careers

Financial controllers are senior finance officers. These positions come within a broad bandwidth of financial management, usually in corporate or government organisational contexts.

Career path

Financial controller are highly qualified, usually with a long track record in finance, accountancy and managerial positions in those areas. Training for the financial controller role literally starts in high school, with a range of specialized subjects as preparation for tertiary education. Academic streams include various degree level studies, and frequently postgraduate studies like MBA qualifications, which also require current management experience.

Career progression

The actual roles of financial controllers can vary considerably, depending on the industry and positional roles occupied. Because this type of work includes multiple professional opportunities and lines of the digression from a single stream career path, career advancement can be quite complex. It is possible for people working in this field to make several false starts, before heading on a productive career path.

The best approach to career progression is based very much on advanced qualifications, significant career achievements and a thorough understanding of the nature of the employment market. Some financial controllers are specialists, however, which by definition limits the range of career choices, and also reduces the number of career opportunities.

Financial controllers also have a range of career opportunities in corporate management, including senior management. Many current CFOs in the world's biggest organizations were at one stage financial controllers, often across a spectrum of roles. At the senior levels, financial controllers are also confronted an extremely competitive employment market. Many of these jobs earn multimillion dollar salaries, which emphasizes the need for expertise and professional credentials in this area.

If you're looking for a career which can quite literally take you to the top of the corporate tree, this is definitely it. Be prepared for major responsibilities and true professional challenges, but this career really does lead straight to the top.

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Why this job?

Senior financial officer role, covers very large spectrum of financial management