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Examples of Botanist Careers

Botany is the study of plants, plant ecology, plant biology, and plant-related products. This is a huge field of study, and is rapidly becoming one of the most important commercial areas of science. The commercial applications of botany include forensics, toxicology, food products and very wide areas of scientific research.

Career path

Qualifications for botany are obtained through the biological sciences qualification academic stream, with botany as a specialization. Depending on the area of study and personal preferences, the degree of specialization varies considerably. At graduate and postgraduate levels botanists frequently create and develop areas of specialization and follow those fields of study as career paths.

Career progression

Botany as a career follows commercial, academic and research paths as basic modes of career progression. These are basically different modes of career development, which may or may not overlap each other. A successful commercial career in botany, like in the area of agricultural studies, may not be suitable for academic or research purposes. Similarly, a strong academic career in botany may or may not be relevant to the other applications of the science.

At a professional level, botanists tend to create highly individualized career tracks for themselves. Qualifications, participation in research work, and individual achievements are the primary bases for career progression.

Botany includes a high level of potential for career diversity, which means that anyone planning a career in botany needs strategic goals for effective career planning. A successful career progression in botany, like most of the sciences, is very much based on participation in areas which promote career achievements. Career achievements may include publications of scientific papers, books, academic awards and achievements, and in many cases a range of physical products like patents and commercial products.

Botany is one of the oldest sciences in the world. It has been virtually reborn in the 21st century as a very highly dynamic scientific discipline, and it's almost impossible to overstate the career potentials in this field. This is a size where talent, enthusiasm and strong scientific skills can take a person anywhere. If you're looking for a biological science career which has literally everything, try botany.