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Examples of Biomedical Engineering Careers

Biomedical engineering is a multi-stream, specialized form of engineering. The biomedical engineering career involves:

  • Research science technology, including creating the technology needed to do the research
  • Working with biomaterials like stem cells
  • Designing and making equipment and devices for biomedical, industrial/commercial and research operations
  • Working with and developing imaging systems
  • Working with genetic materials, cell science technology and related equipment
  • Robotics, like robotic surgery

Career path

Biomedical engineering is highly advanced science. It incorporates both fundamental engineering skills and advanced skills and advanced skills in biomedicine. A series of qualifications in engineering and biomedicine are required for this career.

For example, typical qualifications include:

  • Masters degree, engineering
  • Qualifications, accreditations and certifications regarding specific systems
  • In many cases, specialized knowledge of computer and information systems

Career progression

Career progression in biomedical engineering careers can be quite complex, but there are a lot of opportunities for career development. Because of the diversity of this field, it's possible to tailor a career in accordance with personal preferences. This is a huge emerging employment market, and demand for qualified people is extremely high.

This is also a great career for innovative, inventive people. Engineering is a true problem solving profession, and invention is one of the key roles. The equipment required to research and develop new technologies involves almost constant innovation, and also intellectual property rights for those with the capacity to create this technology, big money business.

Some biomedical engineers naturally also become consultants in this sort of business environment. This is contract work, often with large corporations and it can be another major income source. Obviously, this also involves both a thorough knowledge of the industry, but it's one of the natural career progressions for the new generation of highly talented biomedical engineers.

Biomedical engineering is a career that will truly test your skills. If you're a natural engineer, with the motivation and skills required, biomedical engineering is the new frontier.