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Examples of Aircraft Electrician Careers

Aircraft electricians are specialists in aircraft systems, including power systems, electronics and related systems hooked up to electrical supplies. This type of work can involve expertise on any number of different types of aircraft and their systems. Aircraft electricians perform a critical role in ensuring aircraft safety and performance.

Career Path

To become an aircraft electrician, it is first necessary to complete basic electrician training, usually an apprenticeship, and become a licensed electrician. When working with aircraft it is necessary to become familiar with all aspects of electrical systems. Training in this field may involve quite literally going back to basics, and gaining progressive experience systematically.

It's quite common for people to gain early experiences as aircraft electricians in the military, and many benchmark certifications in aircraft systems maintenance are based on military standards. Currency of experience, experience on types of system and models of aircraft are all highly relevant to the career paths of aircraft electricians.

Specializing in one particular type of aircraft or system may or may not be a good career move. All aircraft and systems obviously have a use by date, and it's quite possible to go from being a systems electrician to antique maintenance. Common wisdom in the trade is that aircraft electricians should undertake ongoing education and ensure that they are familiar with current systems in aircraft, and have at least some experience working with them.

(Note: licensing and certification for various types of electrical work is a major issue in this trade, and those seeking to become electrician should ensure that they are fully familiar with licensing and certification requirements.)

Career Progression

Aircraft electricians can also advance their careers considerably with additional qualifications. Aircraft electrical systems design, and related skills are very much in demand in the Aerospace industry, and talent in those areas can take a career very long way indeed.

True experts in aircraft electrical systems can become industry consultants, with direct input into the development of new technology, safer systems, and better aircraft maintenance techniques. This is truly a career for motivated enthusiasts, those having a love of aircraft and real talents in electrical systems and sciences.