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Examples of Data Entry Careers

When information technology first started, data entry was a very, very mundane task, quite primitive by today's standards. Data entry was drudge work, on a par with being a typist. Now, data entry jobs lead to managerial positions, system design, and consultancy jobs.

This changes came about because data entry is now finally recognized for what it is - The process of creating the raw material of the information systems that are running the world. The job market for data entry people has accordingly expanded and diversified very quickly, and don't entry systems have changed beyond all recognition from their very humble beginnings.

Career path

Data entry training at basic industry entry standards is usually carried out a community college level, or sometimes in advanced secondary studies with special courses. The next stage of career development his formal training in data entry systems, which may also be through community colleges or in some cases tertiary education.

It should be noted that experience is particularly important in data entry related employment, because data entry also has a few other default roles, notably as a quasi-helpdesk information management system.

Career progression

Data entry careers move through several basic career modes:

  1. Basic data entry and administrative work.
  2. Data entry supervision.
  3. Database area management
  4. Database system design

Each of these stages reflects a combination of qualifications, skill set development and experience. Data entry careers undergo a real paradigm change at management level.

Data entry managers are usually required to either plan data entry systems or to conduct the studies involved in database design. Generally speaking this is done in collaboration with IT management, and by definition that means that data entry at its higher levels also involves a range of closely IT-related skills.

It's almost inevitable that at this point date of entry transforms itself into system management. Because of the new IT business methodologies, which involves all-inclusive system design, it's quite common for database managers to also undertake formal IT training in system planning and management. These very high-value business needs have led to management roles and advanced qualifications which can trace their lineage back to the original basic data entry training.

This may seem to be a very straightforward career progression. However, data management is rapidly turning into an industry in its own right. With the advent of cloud computing and increase in outsourcing in the administrative jobs market, data entry careers can now include starting your own business.

This is fundamentally similar to IT outsourcing, where an external provider deals with the data management issues for other businesses, and many data management experts work within this employment market. In other cases data entry experts operate as consultants dealing with data entry system needs and designs. However, in some cases establishing the method and form of data entry is also important in terms of cost efficiency and productivity regarding data extraction and reporting.

Data entry management is emerging as one of the most important roles in mainstream business management, and what may seem superficially to be a less than impressive type of work can be worth millions of dollars. If you're a person with very strong administrative and management skills and a natural aptitude for organization, a data entry career could be an excellent option.