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Examples of Architects Careers

Architecture is undergoing a renaissance at the moment. The advent of CAD technology has quite literally revolutionized architecture and made things like the gigantic Dubai tower possible. CAD technology can now even manage building projects, erection sequences and even do the contract management. The result is that architecture is now a 3-D science, and this technology is practically rebuilding the world, as you can see in Shanghai.

Career paths

Architecture is a formal study, taking several years to complete. The pre-requisites for architectural studies are mathematics and design. Aptitude for computer technology like CAD is also a major benefit, because students now start learning architecture using CAD.

At the advanced training levels, architectural students typically also do internships and/or freelance work with professional architecture firms. This experience is absolutely invaluable, teaching students not only practical architecture from the ground up, but also the business elements involved in professional work as an architect.

Career progression

Typically architecture graduates first start at baseline practical level, it involved in fundamental drafting and progressively getting systematic practical experience. Generally speaking, it takes a while to get involved directly in architectural design, because the level of competence required is extremely high. Some global progress faster than others, and there are issues of opportunities when working with architectural firms where there is a hierarchy of fully qualified people.

Within a few years, however, architectural graduates are in a position to start managing their careers and looking for opportunities in their preferred fields. It is quite possible for a talented person to progress rapidly in architecture, with the right employers in the right opportunities. Architecture is a 'portfolio career,' and the ability to show high levels of technical expertise and the ability to design high quality buildings is extremely important.

Throughout the career of an architect, the portfolio element is critical in getting business and getting the sort of jobs would promote the career and business. Accomplished architects often branch out as freelancers and create their own businesses while employed by architectural firms. If successful, this builds up into a freelance practice, which is how most architectural firms get started.

At its highest levels, architecture is particularly rewarding, if demanding, career. Architectural contracts can be worth many millions of dollars, and the ability to design is quite literally let off the leash, resulting in some of the incredibly creative building designs now rising around the world.

If you're looking for a career where your mind can be challenged and rewarded on a daily basis, architecture is probably your first best option as a career. This is a highly competitive field, but the very strong personal elements and creativity create the drivers to deal with the business environment. One thing for certain - when you're able to market your own designs, you'll never be bored.

Employment examples- Construction, building design, private practices, project management, community and commercial development.

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