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Examples of Engineer Careers

If you search the word 'engineer' online, you will get millions of responses. There are so many different types of engineering that when you're looking for a job it's almost pointless to use the word engineer, because you'll get every other type of engineering job in your search results as well. Engineers are working him parts of the creative process in every industry. Every single item produced for commercial use involves engineers at one or more points in their creation and manufacture.

Career path

All forms of engineering are formal studies. Basic engineering requires good mathematical skills and excellent comprehension and communication skills. Also critically important are good computer skills, because all types of engineering are now CAD-based.

To give some idea of the range of engineering studies, this is a short list:
  • · Construction engineers
  • · Electrical engineers
  • · Naval engineers
  • · Aerospace engineers
  • · Product design engineers
  • · Civil engineering
  • · Mining industry engineers
  • · Systems engineers

These are just the basic types of engineering. There are multiple specializations in relation to each field of engineering, and degrees of difficulty Involved at all levels of work. Engineers are sometimes required to create whole new methodologies and machines to do certain jobs. In some cases they may have to design an entire process from scratch, including inventing the components as they create the process.

Career progression

In this field, skills are the real defining means of career progression. Qualifications obviously play a major part in establishing basic skill levels, but in practice the engineer's work is an ongoing reference to their abilities and experience. The employment market for engineers is highly competitive, and having such portable skills means that engineers are typically always on the lookout for better jobs.

One of the obvious major steps and career progression is creating an engineering business. Many engineers are so experienced that they simply progress to the point where they can operate solo in their field of specialty. It's quite common for engineers to take on additional work outside their basic employment, as well.

(It should be noted that engineers must have strong business skills to operate independently. Engineering contracts can be extremely complex, and a thorough understanding of fundamental business practices is absolutely essential.)

The high point of career progression is contracting and consultancy work, which can be worth tens of millions of dollars or even more, depending on the nature of the work. At this level engineering is an extremely competitive business. The roars for engineers, however, are more than financial. At its highest level engineering is a truly creative science, and all the incredible new technology we see today comes directly from engineers.

If you're looking for a truly fascinating career which quite literally shapes the future, it's hard to go past engineering. Your mind will get a true work out, and if you know how to manage your career, you will be one of the people that brings the future to life.

Employment examples - Mechanical engineering, materials engineering, engineering design, product design, mathematics, systems design and related subjects.

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