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Examples of Accountancy Careers

Accounts are careers have changed dramatically in the last decade. Because of the changing face of the economy, accountants are now diversifying their services and altering their work practices. This situation is creating multiple career opportunities in the profession.

Career path

Accountants receive formal training starting with basic accountancy and working up to the more advanced types of professional practice. Many accountants specialize in particular types of accounting and start their careers working in accountancy practices or in corporate accounts departments. Career paths naturally diversify in accordance with job opportunities and career preferences.

Career progression

Although accountancy skills are extremely portable, the employment market is also extremely competitive. Career progression can be slow, and the changing natures of the work and workplace add levels of difficulty to career progression. Specialization does provide a wide range of additional job options, and many accountants prefer to work in particular types of business environment, like tax or corporate accountancy.

'Job mobility' is the real key to success in accountancy careers. In most organisations hierarchical progression like promotions isn't a reliable career advancement mechanism. Accountants will typically move from one employer to another in the course of their careers.

The New Economy has also added another dimension to accountancy careers. Many accountants effectively operate as self-employed services, working online and slash or from home, creating a client base for themselves. This approach has turned out to be a particularly good way of developing an accountancy career. Most accountants can usually get business from local demand for services, and build up a very good practice without the restrictions of working in an organisation.

In terms of earning an income this form of accountancy practice is also becoming extremely competitive. The 'virtual accountants', like many virtual businesses, have much lower overheads than their commercial rivals, and can offer personalized service. This type of accountancy practice also allows accounts to be much more selective about the type of work they do, meaning they can pick and choose clients. It is an extremely cost-effective way of doing business, and many of these New Economy accountancy practices are extremely profitable.

If you're interested in an accountancy career, or an accountant looking for career options, they New Economy approach may be exactly what you need to get your own practice up and running. It can be hard work as usual for accountants, but building a successful business is more fun than work and it really is a personal achievement.