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Examples of Freelancers Careers (general business, creative, etc.)

Freelancers are people who work for themselves in any industry or type of work. Freelance work is rapidly becoming extremely popular around the world as both an extra income earning source and a great way of doing things you really love to do and making money for doing them.

Career path

Freelancers generally have a range of talents, qualifications and experience in their chosen fields. This can be a very heterogeneous mix of credentials, but for very talented people those credentials are actually better than the standard CV. Freelancers almost by definition work on the basis of portfolio materials which illustrate their skills and achievements very well.

These less formally structured credentials frequently include materials that wouldn't normally fit into a conventional CV, and would be difficult to put in an ordinary resume. The career path is effectively created by these materials and areas of experience.

Career progression

Naturally, career progression as a freelancer is almost nothing like conventional career advancement. Freelancers have the scope to 'promote' themselves simply by getting particular types of freelance work. This means that even a very young person, having the right talents and able to deliver high quality work in progress far and fast.

Freelance work is also highly competitive, and that naturally affects career progression. The main competition for freelancers, not at all coincidentally, is usually other freelancers, particularly those who built their freelance work up into a business. This sort of competition really is a battle of skills, and career progression is often affected very much by the fact that successful freelancers have skills that they present effectively.

Career progression is also sometimes seriously affected by lack of business skills. This is often the Achilles heel of freelancers, and it must be very strongly emphasized that basic business skills are absolutely essential to achieve career success as a freelancer.

That said, the fact is that the freelance career can go further, faster than any other type of employment. In every industry, there are a range of highly successful people and are effectively freelancers, who have built their businesses around them exactly the same way as freelancers develop their businesses. If you're looking for a career which will absolutely challenge you, but also provide you with more opportunities to do the things you love doing than any other, take a long hard look at what you may be able to achieve as a freelancer.