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Examples of Paralegal Careers

Paralegal work involves providing a large range of services related to legal and statutory situations. Paralegal services provide these services outside the typical practice areas of solicitors and lawyers, and usually at a reduced cost.

Career path

To work as a paralegal requires extensive understanding, training and knowledge of legal and statutory practices. The types of services provided by paralegals may include among many others:

  • Lodgment of court documents
  • Conduct of uncontested divorce settlements
  • Preparation of immigration papers
  • Management of statutory documentation

As you can see, the role of paralegal includes a range of administrative tasks, but quite specifically, does not relate to legal practice in the form of offering legal advice or acting as a lawyer or solicitor. Some paralegals may operate under Power Of Attorney, but unless this is the case they may not perform or claim to perform the services of a lawyer, by law.

Career progression

Many paralegals can build up very large practices, providing a very wide range of services. To do this effectively requires extensive experience in paralegal operations, and a thorough knowledge of legal and statutory procedures.

Interestingly, despite the perceived conflict of interest between lawyers and paralegal services, many lawyers actually delegate these administrative roles to external paralegal services. An efficient paralegal practice may handle the business of multiple solicitors as well is its own work.

Paralegal work provides a particularly useful service to the public, and is frequently the first choice for people wanting to get the procedural areas of the legal issues dealt with efficiently and cheaply.

A paralegal career can in fact be a very good business, and is ideal for people with experience in the legal and statutory areas. If you're looking at a career in this field, it is also possible to get formal paralegal training from community colleges or similar training facilities.