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Examples of Nephrologist Careers

Nephrologists are specialists in the treatment of kidney disease. This may not sound like the most glamorous of all medical practices, but it happens to be one of the most vital. Kidney disease and medical conditions affect everybody at some time, and some of these conditions can be lethal. Put it this way - a synonym for 'kidney failure' is death, or years of complex medical treatment like dialysis. Kidney disease can affect the entire metabolism, causing actual changes in appearance.

Career path

Nephrology is a specialist study which extends beyond basic medical practice. Because kidney disorders relate to a wide range of potential medical issues, and nephrologist must be a qualified doctor with additional specialist training. This additional training includes pre-qualification experience with diagnoses, medical technology, forms of treatment and outpatient care, and may take several years to complete.

Career progression

Most nephrologists work either within the hospital/clinical system, or in private practice. Career progression within the hospital clinical system is hierarchical, and may in some cases be limited in terms of career opportunities. That's one of the reasons many nephrologists gravitate to private practice.

Private practice in nephrology involves offering services to local medical practitioners. The success of the practice is therefore based on a combination of demand and the capability to provide specialist services. Typically, a person as referred to a nephrologist by a GP or other medical practitioner for diagnosis. The nephrologist and the GP also collaborate in ongoing care and maintenance of the condition, depending on circumstances.

A career in nephrology include some of the truly baseline elements of medical care in practice. Nephrologists provide services which literally save lives, and greatly improve the quality of life of people with kidney disorders. This is a career for dedicated people.

Employment examples - Hospitals, clinics, private practices

Why this job?

To treat medical conditions related to the kidneys