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Examples of Masonry Careers

There are several different types of masonry careers, including:

  • Brick Masons
  • Stonemasons
  • Cement Masons
  • Block Masons

In all cases the work involves both construction and repair of the different types of masonry. This is one of the core trades of the construction industry, involved in all types of building.

This era of employment may have multiple issues which may have positive or negative effects:

  • Economic conditions
  • Business capital investment in development
  • Local business conditions
  • Availability of labour

Career path

In every different type of masonry formal apprenticeship is required to qualify as a tradesperson. The work includes classroom and practical work on site, and includes a typical trades systematic training approach. There are 'degrees of difficulty' in all types of masonry work, and there are also major safety issues working with these sometimes very heavy materials. The training is comprehensive, dealing of each stage of construction.

Career progression

Career progression in any form of masonry work will be based largely on the stream of specialization, like bricklaying or concreting. Skilled tradespeople in these fields and extremely portable skills, often going from one building contract to another at the early stages of their careers.

Later on in their careers, they may take on supervisory roles and worked for a single contractor or construction company. Unlike other trades, where a natural transition to operating their own business as a logical form of career progression, masons may elect to remain in the workforce. That's largely because in these trades employment and remuneration can be very high, so there is less incentive to operate an independent business.

However, many experienced masons take advantage of local demand and do set up their own businesses. Generally speaking these masons also have business experience in the industry and business qualifications. In some cases, these businesses are highly successful and expand their capacity to take on progressively larger contracts.

A masonry career really is an excellent option for those with good manual skills and natural talent for the technical aspects of building. Pay can be extremely good, and the employment market allows for a lot of job mobility.