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Examples of Legal Transcriptionist Careers

Legal transcriptionist jobs involve taking transcripts of legal proceedings. This is a very highly responsible job, and a range of professional skills are required. Legal transcription work may include court reporting and related legal administration duties.

Career path

Legal transcriptionists are usually trained in court reporting. Court reporting is an advanced form of dictation, with a range of required notations. The primary emphasis in court reporting is on accuracy, and legal transcripts are in effect legal records. That means that legal transcripts also have legal status as official records.

The early stages of the legal transcriptionist career include 'working your way up through the ranks', dealing with progressively more difficult transcription jobs. This is extremely demanding work, and only a few people make it to the top rank of legal transcriptionists, entrusted with transcriptions of extremely complex legal proceedings.

Career progression

Legal practices require legal transcriptions for a variety of reasons, and many legal firms outsource their transcriptionist work on a needs basis. Legal transcription skills are therefore extremely portable job skills, and payment can be excellent. Accredited legal transcriptionists can also get a lot of work in commercial transcription, publishing and related fields.

Career progression is therefore based on having both the experience and the accredited skills to obtain higher paying work. Some transcriptionists can in fact have multiple jobs in this field, working remotely.

If you're working in the legal field and know the protocols and procedures involved in court and other legal functions, the legal transcriptionist career may be exactly the extra skill set required to advance your career. This is a very high value skill set to attach to a resume, and their skills often do come in handy on the job.