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Examples of Import-Export Careers

Import-export is a gigantic global industry. This is an ideal industry for natural entrepreneurs and people with excellent business skills. It is quite literally a trillion industry, and the business opportunities are many. If you know how to manage capital and logistics, this may be the career choice you're looking for.

Career paths

There are multiple streams for entry into the import-export industry:

  • Accountancy
  • Business administration
  • Computer systems and data management
  • Freight and haulage (road, rail and air)
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Sales, customer service and client relationships management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Warehousing

In most cases people entering the import-export industry do so with existing skills and qualifications in one of these fields. The actual process of importing and exporting, however, requires training, knowledge and experience. Importing and exporting around the world involves a very strong technical and business knowledge base and an understanding of the regulations, customs issues, and other natural features of the import and export environment.

Career progression

Career progression in the import-export industry is very much like progression in a business career. Because of the large number of different career streams involved in import-export, many people tend to specialize in their own particular area, and may or may not enter the business arena, which is a special and distinct career field in this industry.

At management level, import-export is basically an entrepreneurial business. This is a very high paced business environment, and the employment market for senior and executive level positions is both highly competitive and a very high turnover career environment.

Those who progress to managing their own import-export business are true entrepreneurs. They're experts in their line of products, know their markets inside out, and achieve excellent profits as a result. Many importer exporters are specialists in a particular industry a lot of products, but some are generalists, taking advantage of the import or export licence to turn over large amounts of profitable product when the opportunity arises.

This industry include some of the biggest markets in the world. A business which imports and exports from China, for example, has a huge range of business contacts and possibilities for profitable business. This business was literally does go both ways, buying and selling to and from different markets.

The key to success in this industry is capital. Good capital management allows importer/exporters to take advantage of favorable prices around the world. And import-export business based in Australia, for example, can buy cheap produce in South America, and ship it to China, making a healthy profit in the process. This is the "global market" and most literal sense of the expression.

As you can see, import-export careers operate in a very highly dynamic business environment. If you have the talent, understanding of the markets, and good sales skills, you can achieve almost anything you could possibly imagine in this business career. If you're looking for a challenge as well, and an extremely competitive business environment, you need look no further than import-export as a career.