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Examples of Illustrator Designer Careers

Illustrators are graphic artists whose work relates to a specific topic. In the past, illustrators were mainly concerned with book illustrations and occasional commercial advertising roles. Illustration as profession has recently expanded drastically with the huge demand for visual materials across all forms of media.

Illustration is both topical and decorative art. Many illustrators are extremely talented artists, very much in demand for their ability to produce very high quality work. This work often becomes a commercial property in its own right. Illustrations from books, websites, advertising and commercial logos have become social statements, fashions and even cultural icons.

Career path

Illustrators must have formal training. In most cases illustrators have backgrounds in fine arts, often with additional training in graphics arts and media software platforms. This training is absolutely critical to working professionally as an illustrator. Fine arts training provides extremely valuable content quality skills. Graphic arts and software training and provide the media skills necessary to work in the modern commercial environment.

Career progression

Illustrators generally start working with basic media in the early stages of their careers. Employment may range from commercial art through logo design, outsourcing graphic work, and a range of miscellaneous paid work in various fields. An illustrator literally becomes an illustrator when their work is accepted for commercial use.

That's no minor achievement, because this is one of the most difficult artistic markets. Commercial art is market-dependent, and every single client has different requirements. Even the styles of art between jobs may be entirely different. One client may want ultramodern graphic illustrations, another may want absolutely traditional fine art illustrations.

If this sounds like a particularly difficult career, it can be. It's no coincidence that professional illustrators are among the most talented artists on Earth. They need an extremely wide range of skills and excellent understanding of the market. Some illustrators do specialize in particular types of art, but in commercial terms, that also means passing up a lot of work in other fields. As all artists know, that's not a good idea. Work can be scarce enough, without restricting the choices further.

Professional illustrators actually work on a commercial art basis, quite similar to graphic design in advertising. Illustration jobs are usually done on contract, and illustrators keep close track of all business issues.

Successful illustrators have a thorough knowledge of both the creative and commercial aspects of their work. They understand the intellectual property rights issues, know how to read and manage contracts, and have at least basic business skills to manage their own costs.

A successful career as an illustrator is an accolade in itself. This is one of the most demanding in areas of professional art, technically, creatively and commercially. The extremely wide range of skills required in this field is quite unlike any other fine arts career.

If you're an artist, have faith in your talents and can handle very demanding work, there's a huge global market waiting for you. There simply aren't enough illustrators. Your talents will provide you with a truly fascinating career. Just make sure you understand the business side thoroughly.