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Examples of High School Teacher Careers

High school teachers are frontline teachers in secondary education, usually specializing in one or two particular disciplines of which they are graduates. They also received formal training in education methodologies and a period of on-site training in high schools.

Career path

Levels of education required to be a high school teacher vary to some extent around the world. Some forms of high school teaching may require a Masters degree, commonly in the sciences. Teaching languages requires specialized qualifications and levels of accreditation. The common factor in high school teaching is the requirement to achieve benchmark standards in education.

Career progression

High school teacher jobs vary considerably in terms of quality and career opportunities. Because the quality of high school facilities can vary from mediocre at best to very high standards, career progression can be a series of choices regarding choice of schools, and related factors.

Many high school teachers will change schools repeatedly in the course of their careers, and their readers a natural dichotomy in terms of choices between public and private schools. Other teachers will take up positions as secondary teachers within remote learning organizations, or as tutors.

Income is definitely a common issue for high school teachers, particularly in the early stages of their careers. Career choices may include specific forms of career development and further qualification to improve career options. Areas of specialization may also relate to special teaching jobs, working with disadvantaged or disabled students and in some cases, working as an educator with international aid groups.

High school teachers are the core of fundamental levels of education around the world. Their teaching provides the baseline qualifications for tertiary education, trades and all areas of employment-based education.