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Examples of Hairdresser Careers

A hairdresser career is also a business career. Hairdressing is a multibillion dollar industry, directly linked to the fashion industry was an extremely high consumer demand base. Professional hairdressers also often have large business operations linked to the beauty industry. Success in this industry involves creativity, excellent business skills, and good management skills.

Career path

Hairdressing is a trade, and a lot of training is required to perform the basic services of a hairdresser. Most hairdressers start at junior level within the hairdressing business, and progress based on experience and demonstrated skills. Many hairdressers are required to be familiar with a very wide range of cuts, styles and looks. The top hairdressing salons insist on a very high level of competence, and quality is a major issue.

Exposure to the business side of hairdressing also starts early in a hairdresser career. At junior level, salon staff are also expected to assist with basic business functions and deal with clients. These skills are core skills in the hairdressing industry. Client relationships in particular are extremely important. These skills relate to return business, reputation and client retention and are therefore directly plugged into the revenue stream for hairdressing businesses.

Career progression

The skills learned at the early stages of the hairdresser career are quite literally the make or break skills in this industry. Only people who are extremely competent in all these fundamental areas can progress their careers. Many people do remain employees in hair salons, but many also start their own businesses.

Starting your own business is the critical step in career progression for hairdressers. It does involve a certain amount of financial risk, because the overheads for hairdressing businesses can be quite high. It's no accident that successful hairdressers are those with excellent business skills.

Hairdressing businesses are far more complex than simply operating a barbershop. To expand the business, and addresses must be able to provide a wide range of services, and market those services effectively. This involves advertising, paying the costs of being in a good market environment like a shopping centre or other highly visible premises and retaining a strong customer base.

Career progression for hairdressers is by definition business progression. Many hairdressers are excellent networkers, and build up multiple business contacts in the fashion industry, media and the beauty industry. This is often contract work, and it's also an extremely competitive business environment. A hairdressing contract for a fashion agency, TV network or movie can be worth a lot of money, and very strong, competitive business skills are required to get those contracts.

If you're a 'people' person with excellent sales skills, good business instincts and good management skills, a hairdressing career can provide you with a lot of opportunities for personal success can be a lot of fun.