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Examples of Gastroenterologist Careers

Gastroenterology is a specialist medical practice related to the gastric and intestinal systems. This area of medicine practice deals with one of the more critical areas of human health, and some difficult and nasty diseases.

Career path

Like other specialists, gastroenterologists undergo their specialist training after basic medical qualifications. Gastroenterology may involve surgery, pharmacology, use of advanced technology and complex diagnostic methodologies.

Career progression

Gastroenterologists typically work within the hospital and clinical environments. They also receive referrals to their practices from GPs in their local areas. This type of medical practice usually involves the gastroenterologist acting as a primary vector for medical care.

Career advancement in this field can be quite hard to define. The gastroenterologist may be a local specialist serving quite literally every gastrointestinal disorder in their area or a visiting specialist serving multiple areas.

In specialist practices, a successful practice is more often measured by achievement and results. A successful gastroenterologist therefore may work outside the strict hierarchical definitions of hospital/clinical practices as a visiting specialist, effectively self-employed under contracts.

This field of medicine also relates to others. The gastroenterologist may work in conjunction with a dietician, a surgeon and an outpatient care provider simultaneously. Gastroenterology includes a wide range of treatments of different types of medical conditions and this cross-disciplinary type of care is quite common.

Gastroenterology is one of the core practices of internal medicine, relating to medical condition suffered by significant numbers of people. If you're looking for a career in this field, research and the career options, and you'll see how diverse this particular type of medical practice can be.