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To host family of exchange student

Emmanuel Martinez
Av. Luis Bivar

Dear Emmanuel

I want to thank you for your kind letter and your attempt to understand my Portugese. I am very eager to meet you and your family when I come to Lisbon in September.

I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little about myself so we are not complete strangers when I get to Lisbon. I am 16 years old and am one year away from graduating high school. I am planning on continuing my education after that at Hometown College and majoring in Finance so that I work in the banking field. I have been told that your father is a bank manager.

I have one older sister who is married with a child. I have an older brother who Is graduating from Boston College this spring and plans to also work in the financial field. He has no children yet, but is soon to be married after graduation.

What I know about Lisbon I should tell you I learned from Google and History class. I have read that it is a very lovely city. Does it snow much there?

I look forward to your next letter.

Mary Ashton