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Complaint letter concerning restaurant service

John Horton
Horton's Steak and Seafood Restaurant
Hometown IA

Dear Mr. Horton

Up until recently we have enjoyed coming to Horton's over the years for the food and the service. Unfortunately, after our visit this past Friday, this view has changed for us.

This past Friday our immediate family brought other family members to the restaurant who was visiting from another state. Instead of the usual delightful service and fare we encountered problems almost at every turn.

The issue started when our reservation for eight was pushed back because of overfilled capacity and we were forced to wait for more than 30 minutes. We were finally given a round table which was crowded for a group of eight.

This table was near the middle of the dining area and was surrounded by other large groups who were quite noisy. Not only were we unable to hear each other, but the waitress had to ask each of us to repeat ourselves because she was unable to hear us. The next problem occurred when half of the order was mixed up and had to be returned. Steak temperatures were wrong, and the vegetables were cold.

As an overall rating, our experience at your establishment was not near what we had come to expect from Horton's. Hopefully you will be able to return to your previous level of excellence.

Harvey Harman