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Claims letter for damages from moving

Robert Packer
Acme & Ace Movers
Hometown VA

Dear Mr. Packer

On February 23, 2009 your company moved our family's belongings from Hometown VA to North Hometown VA. Your crew took inventory as they loaded the van and noted that nothing was damaged when we left our former residence. I have enclosed a copy of that inventory.

Upon arrival at our new home, your crew proceeded to unload the van and place the items where we requested without incident. We were instructed that if we find any damages to file a claim with the office.

Roughly 90% of our belongings arrived in tact and unharmed. Unfortunately one of the mirrors, a lamp, and a box of glassware arrived cracked. It appears as though the box shifted during transit and caused damage to the lamp and mirror.

Please advise us on how to proceed in filing a claim for these damages.

Pat Henry