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Complaint letter concerning damaged mailbox

Hometown Post Office
Hometown CT

Dear Postmaster

On the afternoon of February 18, 2009 our mailbox was damaged by the postal truck while delivering our mail. I was working in the garden along side of the house when I noticed that the postal truck hit the pole and mailbox in front of our home. The mailman made no attempt to neither inspect the damage nor inform anyone that this incident had occurred.

After the truck had pulled away I went to inspect the damage. The pole holding the mailbox has been partly separated from the mailbox; and the mailbox has been dented as well. I have enclosed pictures of the damage.

I have obtained pricing estimates from the local hardware store for a replacement of the pole and mailbox; these total near $65. I have also enclosed the estimated cost slips written by the hardware manager.

Please advise me as to where I should file a claim to have these replaced.

Calvin Harper