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Complaint letter concerning handicapped parking spaces

General Manager
Super Market
Hometown VA

Dear General Manager

As a long-time customer of Super Market I have always appreciated your customer care and service in the store. Recently I underwent surgery and was assigned a handicapped parking permit. I was completely unaware of the lack of handicapped spacing available at your store until I personally saw need to use one of these spaces, or how rude people are in their misuse of the four spaces you have available.

It is my estimate that Super Market has approximately enough parking for over 200 cars in the lot. While I am aware that many of these spaces are used by employees, I can only imagine that this would make up for about 50 at any given time. With this fact I am wondering why there are only four spaces allotted out of the remaining 150 for your handicapped and senior customers. I would like to ask that you please increase this amount, as well as have the cart collection boys occasionally check for parking permits and report offenders to the police.

Alberta Roth