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Complaint letter concerning snow removal

Department of Public Works
Hometown NY

Dear Supervisor

This is in reference to 80 Street Road. Our family has recently moved into the community and this has been our first winter in Hometown. In general your crew's work in getting the snow removed from the streets through town has been very efficient and done well.

The problem I am having is with the method the snow plow drivers are using to clear the snow along Street Road. I live at the base of the hill of the road, and as such it seems as if the snow plows have decided to deposit the snow from the hill in a pile at my driveway entrance.

This situation has not only caused a blind spot from the road, it has also caused my wife to dig out enough of the driveway to get our children off to school. Fortunately no accidents have occurred as of yet. Also, the children were late for school last week after digging out a four foot hill.

I would like to set up a meeting with you to discuss this situation and hopefully find a better solution to the problem. Please call me at (000)000-0000 at your earliest convenience.

Max Heart