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Complaint letter concerning garbage collection

Department of Public Works
Hometown PA

Dear Supervisor

I have lived in Hometown for many years. And for those years I have been delighted with the service and attention of the Public Works department. I understand that your staff work with often unpleasant situations. Unfortunately, in recent months the service has dropped noticeably.

The current crew collecting refuse in our neighborhood appears to be careless in their attitude and work habits. Each time they come through on collection day, there is a trail of debris that missed the truck, as well as garbage containers which are either tossed haphazardly onto lawns or let to roll onto the road.

While some of the neighbors have stopped and spoken to the crew about this situation, it appears that no corrective action has been taken. As a taxpayer I would say we deserve better attention to service and an attitude of care about the way this community looks. I would appreciate your attention to this matter.

Harvey Markum