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Campaign Letter

Dear Citizen of Hometown County

Please allow me to take a few moments of your time to introduce myself. My name is Matt Van, and I am running for County Commissioner in Hometown County.

I have been a resident of East Hometown for 30 years, and of Hometown County since I was born. I attended the local schools from East Hometown Elementary School to Central Community High School. I attended Community University in North Hometown where I met Barbara, my wife, and have stayed in the community since.

After college I became involved in banking and joined the local firm of Smith and Small Public Accountants. I later opened my own firm of Hometown Accounting Services where I took on the tax duties of both Hometown and Upper Hometown. This is where I have come to know many of you over the past fifteen years. My wife, Barbara, teaches at Central Community High School and plans to retire from there someday.

Barbara and I have raised our family alongside yours in our community. Our daughter's Emily and Susan have both attended school here and have gone on to marry local boys Ken Harpy and Russ Major respectively. Our son Frank, along with his wife Helen, run Van's Auto Services and has grown to know even more people in the community himself. Our other son, Michael, runs the Hometown Machine Fabrication plant.

I am committed to the growth and vitality of this county and its communities. At the heart of this is a belief that we must all work to build the economic underpinnings of the community downtown and industrial structure.

Every business which pays taxes and employs workers and attracts shoppers to our communities helps to support our schools, police and firemen, parks, libraries, and other public services which are essential to our community. Anything we do that draws monies and investments to the corporate malls and un-zoned areas does not help improve our county. This action will continue to hurt us in the future. Our small, local owned, family run, business will suffer.

I am enclosing a pamphlet which explains my plans and ideas in greater detail. I hope I can count on your support in the upcoming election.

Matt Van