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Letter of complain to contractor about job performance

John Jonas
Jonas and Sons Painting
Hometown IL

Dear Mr. Jonas

As you are well aware, your company is under contract to paint the interior of a house at 457 Street Road. I am writing to inform you that there have been numerous problems with this contract to date.

The first concern is that the job will not be completed by the agreed upon deadline of June 30th. If you remember our family is planning on occupying the house July 3rd. This job was to have started in the first week of June. We were to have been notified if the scheduled date was being postponed. As of the date of this letter, June 15, only the kitchen and front entranceway has been painted. The remainder of the house is untouched.

The second concern is that, while there are tools and materials for the entire job in the house, it appears that they have been placed in haphazard fashion without any consideration for planning.

Our second installment on the contract is coming due as of tomorrow. Because of the above issues, this second payment is being held until at least 50% of the job is completed to our satisfaction.

I am trusting that your crew will be held to this agreement and complete the job by the deadline.

Bob Wessel