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Thank you letter for referral for volunteer work

Tanya Horton
Kellogg Marketing
Hometown CA

Dear Tanya

Hello from the newest member of the Kellogg Marketing Group! I have been hired and will start this week.

I was interviewed last week by Bob Marlyer and was offered a position which goes with my very busy schedule. He was very accommodating with my requests. I am to work mainly from home, but we agreed that I will be working two or three days directly at the office depending on the workload.

I would like to add that your reference was said to be what made the difference in my getting the position at Kellogg. Mr. Marlyer stated that they had been looking for a full time employee, but with my impressive background and your recommendation, they chose to try out remote employment.

I want to thank you again for your assistance. I think it will be fun to work with this company.

Tracey Hill