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Thank you letter for addressing safety issues

Captain Arthur Doyle
Office of Campus Security
Hometown University
West Hometown NC

Dear Captain Doyle

I wish to thank you for your quick response to my concerns regarding safety on the University campus.

Both my daughter and I are very relieved to know that new locks are being installed at the main entrances to all of the dorms on campus. Although I am less relieved to know that the lighting situation continues to be a concern. I have been told by my daughter that the repairs seem to be taking a long time.

I am also hearing that increased patrols have been added as well as the return of security within each dorm. The addition of call boxes throughout the campus is also a great idea. I have also been told that you are allowing a student advisory committee to form and take part in safety issues around campus. My daughter has become the committee secretary.

Thank you again for your time and consideration.

Marva Mathers