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Second letter requesting repairs in apartment

Jack Jones
Elm Apartments
Hometown OH

Dear Jack

This is in reference to my apartment, 500 High Street, apartment 6. I have previously wrote to you concerning a leak in the window frame of my kitchen window.

As you are probably aware, we have seen almost daily rain showers or storms within the past two weeks. Because of this, it now appears that there is a constant stream of water flowing from the top left corner of my window, which then drips down the plastic covering the window. Also, a water stain has formed around the upper left corner of the window where it joins the wall.

I am writing because I have not heard from you within the time since my last letter nearly two weeks ago. I am worried that this problem will only continue to get worse. Please contact me about this situation. You can call me at (000)000-0000.

Carrie Hand