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Response letter to college roommate

Patty Hayes
2000 Community Street
West Hometown OH

Dear Patty

Hi! I'm glad you wrote first, I usually have no idea what to say to new people I'm meeting for the first time. Your letter came the same day as our room assignment. I've lived in the 'big long state' for most of my life in one town or another. My parents are both sales and marketing so we travel around every so often. I'd rather the small towns and farm myself over cities.

I myself am taking up Business and Marketing (guess where that came from), although I am thinking of trying my hand at the school paper. I think you might have the advantage in knowing what to expect when we get to the campus; I usually need directions to everything.

I know you will probably be hearing from your brothers once we are settled in. I have only one sister ( a little annoying ninth grader) but I will miss the family for awhile I'm sure.

I also like the clubs but only for the dancing. I don't drink either and often wonder why people do. I also stay away from the drug scenes. We have different taste in music, I like more blues, and country, but there are always good local bands to be found. I don't have a boyfriend, less baggage to bring with me right? But I don't have a problem looking around for eligible boys either.I would love to find that diner you mentioned. I am a vegan (meaning I will use milk and cheese but that's as far as I go). I would love to keep in touch as we wait for September. I'll send along a picture so you know what to expect.