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Letter to trade union seeking information about apprenticeships

Nancy Rhodes, Administrator
Empire State Plumbers Union
Albany NY

Dear Ms. Rhodes,

My eldest son, Daniel, is currently a senior at Hometown High School. He has made me aware that he does not plan to continue onto college, but would rather start a career in the building trades as a plumber or pipefitter.

While he is a smart and dedicated student with many options after high school, his school doesn't offer much information to students outside of college assistance and placement. There is little information available for students who want to move into a career after graduation. I think that my son has what it takes to handle the work and would like an apprenticeship which would teach him needed skills for his career.

Could you please send us information about apprenticeships and programs your union can offer him? I told him he would most likely be traveling away from home; he replied that if he went to college he would still be traveling so this is not an issue where his training is located.

Martin Martinez