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Letter to prospective college roommate

Lori Hackle
100 Mytown Road
East River PA 00000-0000

Dear Lori

I have just opened the mail from the Housing Office and found that we are to be roommates this semester at Hometown University. I felt like I should probably introduce myself before school starts in September so that we aren't complete strangers.

I live in Ohio so I guess we are both going to be traveling away from home. I have heard many good things about the HU, which is why I chose to travel there. Both of my brothers have also set foot on the HU campus and both tell me it is a great experience. Because of this I have managed to become familiar with the college and the town so I can show you some decent spots around campus and nearby, including a great diner with vegetarian dishes (I happen to be a vegetarian).

I am planning on majoring in political science or communications, trying out for the basketball squad and maybe joining the Theater Club. I need to see how bad my schedule is before making myself too busy. I like garage bands, Indi-film, and football.

I have passed through Pennsylvania on the way to New Jersey to visit my aunt. There are lots of beautiful farmland and little towns, and a very long state.

I am into clubs but not getting drunk or doing drugs. Since we are in the smokeless dorm I am guessing you don't smoke either.

Hope to hear from you before school starts in September. Ask any questions you have and I'll do my best to answer.

Sincerely, Your Roommate
Patty Hayes